Grab & Go Stress Solutions: Dec 18th, 2013

3 Elements for Optimal Health & Wellness:

After extensive research the conclusions continue to

point to three elements: Oxygenation; Strong Immune

System & Decreased Inflammation.

As a little girl I remember my grandfather starting every

day with 20 deep breaths => in through his nose => out

through his mouth. He lived 98 years of life on this earth…

coincidence? I don’t know, however,  I do know how

essential healthy oxygenation is for optimal cellular function

and I am confident it played a major role in his health and

wellness along with other factors.

As an advanced cancer conqueror, I am dedicated to

providing my earth suit with an abundance of O2 each day.

Here are a few quick & easy ways to BOOST your O2

naturally and easily:

  • Take One Full Dropper Full of ChlorOxygen by Herbs ETC in Water Every Day: Chlorophyll Concentrate (Health Food Stores Usually Carry it).

  • Exercise Every Day for at Least 10 Min (The Burst Interval Training Located on Stress Solutions University is a Quick Effective Way to Get in Shape and Oxygenate => SSU Members Can Find it Under Resources Tab => Burst Training in Left Hand Column.
  • Every 90 Minutes take a Mind Break and Breath Deeply…exhale all the way and naturally breath in deeply and easily. When you are under pressure you naturally lean into shallow breathing. Resurrect your awareness of deep breathing throughout your day



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