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According to the American Psychological Association 300 billion dollars a year leaks out of the industry due to stress related illnesses, absenteeism & lost productivity. “80% of Disease is Stress Related.” Harvard Medical

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Lauren E Miller Stress/Anxiety Relief Audio CD Descriptions

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Release the Stress around Breast Cancer with Methods & Mantras for the Mastectomies of Life: With over 100 mantras and specific mindset skills and techniques Lauren E Miller pulls from her own journey through advanced cancer and divorce to help guide listeners into a conqueror’s mindset. This audio is for anyone facing a challenging situation in life and seeking the skills to move through it successfully: spiritually; mindfully; emotionally & physically. Please click on the CD picture to order.

Release the Stress around the Craze of Life at Work & at Home: Listeners gain the ability to move through common every day stress triggers at work and at home as they resurrect their ability to identify and adjust their perceptions in life. Specific stress relief tips and techniques equip listeners with the “how to” aspect of moving through anxiety emotional flare-ups in life that all to often compromise productivity, personal excellence & espirit de corps. Please click on the CD picture to order.

3 Power House Techniques for Health & Wellness: Pulling from 3 power house energy psychology modalities, listeners learn 3 specific stress relief & personal excellence techniques that help create congruency within their interior world: clarity of focus => definitiveness of purpose => motivational responsive action. Listeners are given the skills to create their own inner circle of excellence, release stressful memories & establish safety & connection in relationships. Please click on the CD picture to order.

5 Stress Triggers & How to Release Them: Lauren E Miller gives listeners a specific skillset to naturally, effectively & consistently dissolve 5 common stress triggers in life: Boredom; Resentment; Self-Doubt; Anger and Forgetfulness. Please click on the CD picture to order.

Stress Relief Tips for Teens: With 20 years experience in youth ministry & extensive education in anxiety and stress relief management Lauren reveals 3 top stressors for teenagers along with the skillset needed to return to inner peace & confidence: The Drug of Approval; You’re Not Alone/Self Confidence Booster; Gratitude; 2 Cool Tips to De-stress. Please click on the CD picture to order.

Stress Solutions for the Soul: Short scriptures, reflections and prayers to help YOU remember what your Soul already knows: All Things Are Possible; You Have a Definitive Purpose. This is a CD packed with the “how-tos” for positive spiritual growth, which flows into your Identity => Beliefs => Capabilities => Behavior and your Environment. Please click on the CD picture to order.

Stress Solutions for the Soul: Resurrect Your God Given Positive, Joy-Filled & Confident Attitude. Your attitude is either your closest friend or worst enemy and YOU get to choose it. Using a powerful NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Personal Success Technique, short scriptures, mind set reflections and prayers Lauren helps you remember your God given ability to choose how you want to show up in life. Learn spiritual mind set skills that help you accomplish consistently and naturally what you feel called to do on this journey of life with faith, levity and love. Please click on the CD picture to order.
Stress Solutions for the Soul with Pearls of Hope; A 31 Day Guide to a Fuller Life Audio BookUsing Scripture; Inspirational Stories/Insights/Action Calls Lauren E Miller, and Edie Hand, television personality, radio host, noted author have teamed up to share with readers/listeners these short meditations and reflections to help you remember what your soul already knows for personal excellence in life. Please click on the CD picture to order.
Lauren E Miller’s DVD on the 6 NLP Logical Levels
for Personal Excellence:
7 Steps to UnCork Your God Given Ability to Achieve Your Desired Goal: Using the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Logical Levels for Personal Excellence, gain specific stress/anxiety relief skills and techniques to release belief systems that no longer serve your highest good and the good of all concerned. Uncork your talents & abilities, which often get steam rolled by the drug of approval and the disease to please. Create laser focus around your desired goal along with the inner motivation to GO FOR IT 100% with congruent support from each level: Spirit => Identity => Beliefs => Capabilities => Behavior => Environment. Please click on the DVD picture to order.

How to Re-Connect In the Midst of Disconnect CD: Using NLP, EFT & Time Line Therapy Techniques Lauren E Miller equips listeners with a skill-set that can be used immediately to help create, restore and sustain healthy/happy relationships at work and at home. Learn the how-to’s around releasing unhealthy patterns of behavior and restoring perceptions that promote health and wellbeing within relationships you care about. Relationships are directly impacted by the self- care systems that are practiced inside your castle. Please click on the CD picture to order.

Do It In the Kitchen 20-Min Workout DVD Plus Grab & Go Stress Relief Bonus Footage: Join Lauren E Miller and Rhonda Sheya, both cancer conquerors on a mission to “Flip your Kitchen” into a healthy space. You will learn quick and easy ways to maximize movement in the midst of the mundane every day activities you do in the kitchen. Rhonda made this a part of her mission for a easy healthy life style and lost 60 lbs. As is the case with stress management, most people are too stressed to take time to de-stress, many times we are too busy to take care of the “earth suit” until it starts to prevent us from doing the things we love to do in this life, as was my case when I was told by the “white coats” that I had a 50% chance of surviving with the advanced cancer that was mucking around in my body. When the body slows down, so do we. When our body moves more, we can do more. Stress walks hand in hand with disease, one of the quickie ways to de-stress the body comes in the form of movement. Rhonda and I both make movement a life style. We all have many transitions in our daily life, passing from one event to another, let’s MAXIMIZE our MOVEMENT in the mundane transitions of life. This is what this mini-mission Rhonda and I are creating is all about…lightening up, letting go and being creative when it comes to taking care of the body we have been blessed to live in…Flip your space out of the problem into the solution! Click on the DVD picture to order.