Grab & Go Stress Solutions: Dec 21, 2013

3 Quick Tips to Help You Access Your Solution Based Thinking:

Listen into Lauren’s Bi-Monthly Free Stress Relief Hotseat Calls addressing every day

stress triggers and offering quick solutions you can apply on the spot to resurrect your

ability to maintain inner calm, clarity of focus and solution based thinking: Click Here

to Listen into a stress relief call. Sign up for the Lauren’s e-newsletter to receive the

dates, times and call-in details (upper right hand corner of the page). Each call is

recorded and dropped into Stress Solutions University for members to access at

any time. Explore becoming a Stress Solutions University member and gain instant

access to 100’s of audio/video and written stress relief/personal excellent skills and

techniques. When you join you get to sponsor in for free someone you know going

through the experience of cancer and/or a Wounded Warrior: Click on the

products tab on the home page => Stress Solutions University to explore.


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