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“Lauren Miller is a dynamic and engaging speaker. She has the ability to grab a crowd by their heart and warm their soul. I’ve witnessed her as a speaker follow Bob Proctor and have the audience as engaged as any professional speaker I’ve witnessed. She delivers; she cares and more importantly, she brings tremendous value to any venue. I highly recommend her.”

Peggy McColl
New York Times Best Selling Author

“Lauren Miller is one of the most incredibly powerful human beings I’ve had the opportunity to meet. I use Lauren’s work daily. She is a voice to be reckoned with. There are speakers and then there are SPEAKERS. Lauren has that spirit behind her voice and work. If you are serious about transforming from the inside out, Lauren Millers work speaks for itself. Lauren has the “it” thing about her. Charisma is something you can’t acquire either you have it or you don’t have it. Lauren HAS IT. That thing that touches the deepest fibers of your soul…incredible.”

Les Brown, World Renowned Speaker/Author

“Without a doubt, Lauren Miller is one of the best speakers on the planet! Her ability to draw in the audience is absolutely magical. She shared the stage with Marianne Williamson at our Global Women’s Summit in LA, mesmerizing several hundred women from around the world. The feedback was extremely positive. Many women were moved to tears as they described the value they received from her presentation and remarked that they gained life-changing perspectives because of Lauren’s authenticity. She is interactive and energetic, truly inspiring and motivational on all levels. She shares life skills everyone can apply to any stressful situation. I highly recommend Lauren for any venue; I’ll invite her to speak at many more WIN global events.”

Paula Fellingham, CEO, The Women’s Information Network

Even the experts need an expert.  Lauren has been mine for over 1

“Even the experts need an expert.  Lauren has been mine for over 1 year.  Her programs are POWERFUL, producing results that are life transforming. She makes the complicated simple.  I use her mindful rituals daily.  Her mindset skills create an actual shift in consciousness from fear to faith, reminding me of my God given natural state to overcome and move through anything that stands before me.”

– Les Brown, Author/Speaker

“Lauren’s programs are amazing; they enrich and expand your experience with life in ways that you forget are possible.  She equips you with concrete skills that create shifts you can feel instantly.  Whatever hardship or challenge you are facing or if you are a seeker like me, looking to expand your territory in this world, Lauren creates a program that is congruent with your gifts and talents and then empowers you with the ability to go for what you want, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  I personally highly recommend her work in this world.”

Shellie Hunt, CEO Success By Design/The Women of Global Change


“Big shout out to Lauren Miller. After just 2 “tapping” coaching sessions with her to release some issues that had been holding me back and — pow! — immediate results both times. She is very gifted, can’t recommend her enough.”

– Martia Nelson

“Lauren connected me with the mindset skills and biological techniques that gave me the ability to feel empowered throughout my cancer journey.  Her program helps you shift your perspective in life for greater success. She helped me realize that I am not a victim of my circumstance and how to rise above the challenges in life.”

– Genna


“Meeting Lauren has made all the difference in my life.  I was at a turning point when I first met Lauren.  I had been in counseling for years to work through some deep childhood wounds that were holding me in a prison anger and resentment, which led to a deep depression.  Becoming aware of those wounds in counseling was essential to my healing process, however that wasn’t enough.  Lauren equipped me with tools and practices to move me into the life God has called me to live: a victorious life of forgiveness and love.  We are all spiritual beings having a physical experience during our time on earth and Lauren is committed to seeing her clients live as God’s children, fully connected to His love and power so we live in the fullness of Him.  Her personal story is a true testimony to her work and has served as an inspiration to me as I have moved through the process of forgiveness and healing.  Not a day goes by that I don’t exercise the tools that Lauren has armed me with to move to living a life of victory.  God works through Lauren to move His people into His greatness and love.”



“Lauren is amazing! She was very instrumental in my healing process. I had chronic stress that caused multiple health challenges. I had met with a Christian counselor six times previous to meeting Lauren. It was helpful but a slow process. Lauren and I accomplished major healing using her NLP in a couple of sessions. I find the NLP and tapping helpful in many situations whether it is for anxiety and stress or just physically not feeling well. I recommend tapping to family and friends all the time. After I hear Lauren speak, read one of her books, listen to one of her CD’s or watch one of her DVD’s I feel smarter, stronger, more capable and I am uplifted and motivated to go out into the world to spread love and joy. I learned peace from Lauren and how to be present in the moment. I am so grateful to God for knowing Lauren. She is a blessing! Her desire to help others, spread peace and love is contagious!”


-Sheryl Boyles



When I first began working with Lauren Miller, I felt overloaded with the demands of running my own business, staying connected to my husband and two boys, and finding a way to keep myself physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. Like many other people, I’d tried counseling, read self-help books and attended seminars, but I didn’t feel that I’d found “the thing” to help me feel better about myself. I knew I was missing something, and felt unable to move forward in my business and personal life. Outwardly, I looked successful, and inside, I felt stuck and overwhelmed.


After just a few sessions with Lauren, things began to shift for me. I gained clarity. Decisions that once had been difficult, even agonizing, became easy. I stressed less and produced more. My creativity returned. My relationships improved. I felt better about myslef and my purpose in life. If you have an opportunity to work with Lauren, jump at it! Thank you Lauren, for your compassion, vision and love.

-Lindy Royer

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