Grab & Go Stress Solutions: April 10, 2014

2 Blocks that Twist Your Beliefs:

Our beliefs are often created by our attachments & fears which

filter information coming into our lives.

Fear emerges within the mind under the guise of insecurity

around one’s ability to maintain safety & connection along

with thoughts fueled by the statement:

“I won’t be able to handle this…”

Webster defines fear as anxiety caused by real or possible

danger. An acronym play on fear commonly used is

“False Evidence Appearing Real.”  Most of what flares our

beliefs about the world as being safe or unsafe fall under false

evidence appearing real.

The Christian mystic Anthony de Mello describes an attachment

as an emotional state of clinging due to the belief that without

some things, person or situation I can’t be happy, once

again twisting a fuller representation of our reality.

Belief, according to Webster, is a conviction that things are true.

Here in lies the blocks to a desired belief that we are safe

and connected to God with a definitive purpose in life: our fears

and attachments twist our view of reality as we distort, delete

and generalize information that back up beliefs about our

capability, safety and connection which in turn flare up fear

and feed unhealthy mental attachments.

This week, explore realigning your perceptions of life to include

those pieces of information that perhaps you are distorting,

deleting or generalizing in life to protect your attachments and


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