Stress Solutions for the Soul: April 10, 2014

“Past and Future Veil God from Our Site” Rumi

Be Here Now. No moment of life ever occurs outside of

the present moment. The quickest way to refuel your

mind comes in your choice to linger in your heart.

Love more today than yesterday. Linger in those moments

that are void of the desire to define, own or control. We are

created to experience life, not define it, analyze it or

interpret it.

Past regrets and future fears distract us from the life that

is unfolding in front of our face. Resist the temptation

to fixate on past events and future wonderings. God shows

up now. Life your life backwards, what moments would

you have wanted to linger in today more than yesterday?

Dear God,

Grant me the grace of time line vision. To pause and

linger in those moments that will bring a smile to my

face at the sunset of this life rather than the frown of

regret that I didn’t show up for the gift of life in front of

my face. May the majority of my time spent this day

honor those things I value most in life.

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