Do You Want More Freedom?


MandalaLearn & Reflect:


According to Websters, the definition of freedom is the absence of necessity, coercion or constraint; to be released from something onerous (troublesome/a burden); liberation from the power of another. The Holy Scriptures offer an intriguing invitation based on Jesus Christ’s life mission from Galatians 1:5: “It is for freedom that Christ has set you free. Stand firm then and do not allow yourself to be burdened by the yoke of slavery.” What is your yoke of slavery that holds you captive and robs you of your ability to step into the possible? Perhaps it is an old belief system that overrides any attempt on your part to move forward in a positive direction: I’m not capable; I can’t do that; Good things happen to other people but not to me; It’s never enough, I’m never enough; If I’m not working and producing I have no worth and value. Pause and reflect on one statement that you feel is constraining you, a phrase that has been running on auto-pilot beneath the surface of your identity sabotaging your attempts to live and move and have your being in a free and confident manner? Write this statement down and then ask:


  • Where did I learn this? Whose voice is behind this conclusion…this label that I have slapped on my internal audit of self-judgement? Go for the root. Once you have a name or circumstance that put this belief in motion begin to utilize the Emotional Freedom Technique demonstrated in the video above: Even though I have this belief that has been holding me captive for many years I am willing to explore completely and deeply loving, accepting myself just as I am that was then this is NOW and forgive myself for giving so much power over to this restricting belief. I choose to explore being me a little freer and lighter today knowing that God is with me and all things are possible for those who believe. Repeat this statement 3 X while tapping on the side of your hand followed by tapping on the sequence of points described in the video above while declaring a reminder phrase: ____________(1-3 word summary of the unhealthy belief). Rate your body flare up when you think of this belief between 1-10 (10 being the highest stress evoked by the belief) Repeat the tapping sequence while you say the remaining belief until you get to a “O” flare-up.




In order to step out of those things that enslave us in life it is essential for us to fully comprehend the state which we are seeking to step into. From the above definitions, we have a lot of great content to explore in our personal lives here. I invite you to reflect upon the following questions:


  • In what specific situations do you feel restricted? A necessity to “edit” your personality or the freedom and permission you give yourself to be YOU for fear of judgment?


  • Do your words support the person you want to be in life? Words have the power to create labels that create an impoverished view of reality including our self-perceptions and what we believe we are capable of handling successfully.


  • What relationships within your life create more oppression than freedom for you? What is the upside for remaining in those relationships?




  • Watch your interior and exterior dialogue: your intonation. As one high tide can life all ships as J.F. Kennedy noted, The placement of a strong word of encouragement has the power to lift up an entire team and ignite positive forward momentum. By your words you can bless and set free and by your words you can curse and imprison, yourself and other people.


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