What Awakens Your Greed Kraken?




Learn & Reflect =>

I watched Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings with my husband on Saturday and was once again captivated by the metaphors between darkness and light. One theme in particular caught my attention: men are deceived by the obsession for power and therefore held captive to it once it is attained. The physical example of this is Gollum (the “unman” or the man who loses himself in that which he desired to possess) represents the loss of good character in the face of greed and selfish ambition, (the desire for power) which I referenced in a previous post.


Greed is defined as an insatiable desire or longing for excess of something, usually wealth, status, power or food. I invite you to expand your radar around greed to include 5 main love languages as defined by Gary Chapman: physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, gifts and acts of service. After several years of couple’s coaching I have witnessed the home-wrecking trend of not-enoughness. Knowing your love language and the love language of your significant other is a key component to the art of sustainable and fulfilling connection. Too often we will give out what we want to receive. For example, if your two top love languages are physical touch and words of affirmation these expressions of love with naturally flow out to people you care about. Conflict will enter the scene when you do not receive that which you long for which will awaken your Greed Kraken who will quickly snuff out any expressions of unconditional love and self-less gestures of kindness as it demands more of that which it craves: I want to be loved more often and in a specific way, if you don’t love me the way in which I feel most loved then I will with hold loving you. The voice of greed will too often step in and twist selfless love into self-centered love if we do not keep watch on our interior dialogue and excessive longings.


 Identify & Adjust =>


Again, greed is an insatiable desire to have more of something, too often to the detriment of what we value most in life. Greed is often the main fuel behind: lying, stealing, cheating, unfaithfulness in relationships, gossip, complaining, victimization, entitlement. I want something and I’m not getting it so I will go somewhere else to find it or compromise my own moral compass in order to attain that which I think I crave. Greed can imprison us in a dark cave clutching to our obsession as we cry out: my precious. As mentioned in a previous post, we lose our identity in the fetish rendering us captive to the spell of “not-enoughness.”


Stress results in life when we abandon what we value most for that which we think we need to have in order to feel successful, valued and enough. As Bob Newhart said brilliantly in his skit: “Stop IT!”. Take back your ability to guard what you value most in life. Honoring the person you are committed to being in life results in inner peace and confidence.


 Integrate & Act=>


Where is greed showing up in my life? Around money? In relationships? Status? Professionally? Personally? What aspects in your life specifically awaken your greed Kraken? What does it look like specifically? Feel like? Sound like (interior dialogue that is usually linked to a past pain body that is controlling your perceptions of reality and triggers you into “story and drama”)?


In your personal relationships when you get emotionally bumped, and awaken your sleeping Kraken what conclusions are you making? Explore the following statement: “If they really cared about me then they would____________________.” The first step into emotional healing in life requires high-noticing around your triggers and solutions from your perspective: Even though when other people do not respond the way I want them to I am willing to deeply and completely love and accept myself and I choose to forgive and release as I consider the possibility that people are always showing up to the best of their ability based on the resources they have available at that time.


Your Greed Kraken thrives in professional settings, quickly sabotaging corporate culture initiatives that long to create psychological safety and work-place satisfaction. Again, the light of your awareness offers a powerful opportunity to identify and adjust perceptions that are incomplete and fueled by interior belief systems that run on not-enoughness. Your Greed Kraken feeds on insecurity and self-absorption just as Tolkien’s Gollum did as he lost his identity in “The Ring”. Complete the following statement: I will feel successful when_______________________________________. This statement will often times reveal hidden vices that hold us back from interior freedom and the ability to go for what aligns with our gifts and talents in a way that honors the person we are committed to being without the anxiety of attachment. Let go of your “RING” and hold onto the hand of God, who calls you out of darkness into LIGHT and invites you to release all excess and insatiable longings for things, including specific responses from other people, that can never fully satisfy your deepest longing: The need to know that you are loved unconditionally and that you are enough. As St. Teresa of Avila said: “Those who have God, find they lack nothing.”


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