Do You Need a Break from You?

Do you need a break from you?

Do you need a break from you? Have you ever paused and proclaimed: “WOW! It takes so much energy to be me?” I blurted this statement out when I was in fetal position after a difficult chemo treatment. Laughter actually spilled out with this “ah-ha” moment: WOW, I can’t believe how much energy it takes to be me in this world.


Come with me a little deeper on this high noticing statement and reflect for a few moments on your inner list of requirements that you have placed on yourself in life to feel that you are enough? A powerful self reflection practice is to take a quiet moment and answer the following two questions:


1. I will completely and deeply accept all that I am and all God has created me to be when….(reflect on those to-do lists and ask yourself what is the fuel behind what you choose to spend your precious hours of life doing during the day, this results in living with intention).


2. I will love myself when…for some of my clients this is not a block in their life, instead they will drive themselves to the point of unnecessary self-judgement and stress with the first question. With that said, perhaps there are areas within your life that you are withholding love for yourself which many times flows from the power you are giving to the writing on your interior wall, which by the way is a dry erase board and you hold the eraser. Too often we have given power in our childhood to statements, labels and conclusions of people in our life that we have farmed out our identity too: I’m not smart; Life is hard; Money doesn’t grow on trees; You can’t sing, write, dance, succeed. It’s time to erase and replace, that was then THIS IS NOW, you have so many more resources today than yesterday to re-define your God given ability to SHINE and SUCCEED in a way that honors your deepest knowing that you are loved and accepted by the ONE who died to win your heart for good in this world. For those who do not believe this come with me and  imagine for a moment the shifts within that will take place if you know that you are enough and adored by something bigger than YOU? You once knew this experience in the womb.


Striving that stresses you out is a direct result from a lack and scarcity program…perhaps bigger or smaller than those around you. Reflect on this for a moment within your life for this program is one of the biggest peace thieves in life as it operates on a system that begins with: IF ONLY…which fuels the observation: WOW it takes so much energy to be me…if am what I do, when I don’t, I’m not.


I woke up this morning and proclaimed: I need a break from ME. You would think I “should” know better after going through the earth school class of two of life’s top stress triggers: advanced cancer and divorce. NOPE, I experience amnesia on a daily basis and flip back into pairing my identity with what I accomplish…or don’t in a 24-hour period of time.


Do you need a break from you? When is enough, enough? Can you imagine living out this week with a more relaxed version of YOU? A person whose operating system flows from the inner knowing that that yes in fact: I am enough simply leaning into love and confidence that flows from my connection with God and out into the world. As Mother Teresa said: “God didn’t put me here to be successful, He put me here to be faithful.”


How much of what you do is fueled by a hidden seed of desire to know that you are loved and accepted just as you are? We knew this in Kindergarten and earlier. Did you ever once stress out in the womb over the fact that you didn’t have legs? fingers? eyes? You were completely surrendered to the process of creation without all of the stress and anxiety so much so that anxiety around what you did not have in the moment was non-existent.


Action Step:


After reflecting on the two questions, use the EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique method on each of the statements that follow the prompt: I will completely accept myself when ________________ AND I will deeply and completely love myself when_____________. Take a break from the you that is stressing you out. Relax your body around the high demands and requirements you place on yourself to be YOU. Practice being a more relaxed version of you as you re-write the statements written on your interior wall to reflect the truth that you are completely and deeply loved and adored by the One who created the signature of your heart beat and draws you close in each moment of life without you even knowing it. You are enough just as you are, beautifully and wonderfully created for a greater good in this world. Take a break from the parts of you that must continue to strive and “do” in order to feel enough and successful.


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