Grab & Go Stress Solution: April 22, 2014

Webster defines fear as anxiety caused by real or possible

danger. A common phrase associated with fear is:

false evidence appearing real.

The problem with this statement is that from our

perspectives, the evidence IS real.

As was the case when I was told my body was diagnosed

with cancer.

The invitation back into our power to stand outside of fear

and access our God given ability to handle

any situation that unfolds before us lies in our choice

for faith over the perceived threat to our safety & capability.

Webster defines faith as unquestionable belief, complete

confidence/trust in God. Jesus continually invited

his followers to embrace a faith driven response to life.

Faith was the element that unlocked the desired

miracles. Faith was essential throughout

Jesus healing ministry on earth, the lack of belief

determined the outcome as did the choice to believe.

Our ability to flip anxious fear into faith lies in our

choice to believe in the possible.  Too often we

push back at this statement as we give more

power to our circumstance than to God within us.

“Anything is possible for one who believes.”


Our memory is directly linked to the emotional charge

that takes place at the time of the event. This is why

implementation of energy psychology modalities such as

EFT & NLP are so effective when it comes to

neutralizing negative emotions that surround

our anxiety driven fearful moments. Our faith

may say, “Yes I believe this is possible”, yet

because our biology is holding onto negative

emotional charges that contradict our faith statement

we remain in conflict.

As we release the negative emotional blocks stored in

our biology

from our time line we regain inner congruency with our Soul’s

knowing that yes indeed, all things are possible for those who

believe: Soul => Identity => Beliefs => Capability =>

Behavior => Environment, including peace

that passes all human understanding in the midst

of life’s challenges & perceived threats.

In this weeks 15 minute Stress Relief Hotseat Call

I shared several techniques that help release the

emotional charge in our biology. SSU members

can access the replay under Stress Relief Coaching =>

Stress Relief Hot-seat calls.

In my 1:1 coaching programs, I equip my clients

with specific tools & techniques that result in the ability to create

a fuller representation of their reality, capabilities, talents and

specific purpose in life. For more information on 1:1

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