1 Thing That Sabotages Personal Excellence

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Here is a quick look into behind the scenes of your brain and your mental ship.  Awareness gives an opportunity to sharpen your personal excellence skills.


Basically, 90 % of your actions and responses in life flow from what is referred to in NLP as your SHIP: Strategies/Habits/Impulses/Programs (I will give you more insight into your SHIP in the near future).


10% of your conscious mind is driven by your WAR: Willpower/Analytics/Reason AND FOUR physical conditions/emotions that quickly paralyze your ability to use your WAR for your highest good and the good of those concerned:


  • Hungry
  • Angry
  • Lonely
  • Tired


Perhaps you are all too familiar with your HALT?


When you forget to give the appropriate attention and care to these four areas, you will notice that your mental SHIP begins to sink quickly and personal excellence takes a hit: your ability to come up with creative solutions and maintain inner confidence and calm.


To boost your personal excellence this week commit to the following tips to keep your metal SHIP afloat & sailing in a positive direction:


  • Pause when you feel angry and ask yourself a simple question: What fear is behind this anger?


  • Anger’s main fuel is fear: fear of not measuring up/fear of failure/fear of losing status, not gaining desired recognition, acknowledgment, approval, not being understood…once you identify what is fueling your anger you can apply EFT (SSU members check out the interview with the founder of EFT, Gary Craig, on the Coaching with the Coaches Program) and release the anger in your body.


  • Feed your body small, healthy meals 5 times a day.  Cut back on gluten, sugar, dairy.


  • Create positive social connections throughout your day.  Increase your quiet time before God and allow yourself to experience the presence of God’s love for you each day.


  • It is essential to fuel your mitochondria with at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night.  This is the fuel behind each cell of your body…don’t skimp on this one.

Linger in the moments that light you up. The more you give yourself permission to linger in refreshment in life the stronger your emotional bandwidth becomes along with overall personal excellence and wellness.


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