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My friend Lindy who is a rock star movement expert recently reminded me that movement is our natural state of being implemented by our ancestors, exercise was created by man when we stopped moving. Movement is also a natural stress relieving practice in life. Make the most of your transitions this week and incorporate movement in the midst of your daily transitions. When moving from point A to point B simply maximize your movement: instead of walk, skip or jog; take the stairs a few times before going to your destination.


It doesn’t have to be a huge chunk of time out of your day. Simply make the moments work for you when you are in them. Movement of any kind enhances productivity and oxygenates the body: 90% of our biological energy is oxygen fueled. What if you can flip into the mindset of simply saying: “Today, I am going to increase my ability to recognize optimal opportunities to move more through out the day…and have fun doing it.” For example today I was feeling pressure in my body and rather than pushing through my “to-do” list I stood up and went out in my backyard and jumped and played on the tramp for 15 minutes. Because I rebooted my system through movement I experienced an instant increase in productivity which science backs up. You will find as you increase your movement during the day, perhaps even flipping out your desk chair for a ball chair, you will be more equipped to live mindfully: in the present moment where optimal productivity and creativity are birthed.


For those who enjoy the more focused movement we call “exercise” try this:


Do you want to increase your clarity of focus and energy level throughout your day?


The following technique is often referred to as interval training or burst training.  I used this for a warm up when I practiced Tae Kwon Do, many trainers have integrated this technique into their programs because it is one of the quickest ways to get in shape and burn fat.


Commit to 6 Min every other day before you jump into your schedule:


1st Min: Choose one exercise you like (Examples: running in place, sit-ups, jumping jacks, jumping rope, kicking, punching, mountain climbers, squat jumps, jump rope) Do this as fast as you can for 1 min.


2nd Min: Rest, stretch.  I will often use some yoga positions during this time.


3rd Min: Choose an exercise and do it as fast as you can for 1 min.

4th Min: Rest, stretch, breathe deeply and controlled.


5th Min: Choose an exercise and do it as fast as you can for 1 min.


6th Min: Stretch & relax.  This is a great time to do the breathing exercise from last weeks e-newsletter: breathe out all the way, relax. Breathe in to a four count.  Hold for an 8 count and breathe out audibly for a 7 count.

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