How to Let Go of Fear Based Living

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Fear is simply a label we place on a situation we do not feel capable of handling successfully. It is your body’s response to our thought life and can flow from past situations which fuel feelings of threat and inability to handle a situation. As we remember we have a God given ability to rise above perceived threats, which in some cases includes healthy boundaries and pulling in the necessary resources so that we return to a place of safety and positive connection, which is the case in real physical and emotional attack, we will step out of the fear hauntings which rob us of the ability to experience life satisfaction and consistent joy.


Below is an NLP (Nuero-linguistic Programming) technique you can use to eliminate the emotional/biological reaction you have to a fear or anxiety:


This is a technique you can use to eliminate the emotional/biological reaction you have to a fear or anxiety:


  1. Close your eyes, take three deep breaths, using the gift of your imagination imagine yourself siting in a movie theater in front of a blank screen.


  1. Take a movie clip from something you fear; it could be from your past or an upcoming event that evokes some anxiety. Use the modality of your imagination to create a movie clip that expresses the worst possible situation.  For example, you have a fear of spiders imagine a spider biting you or you fear public speaking, imagine people throwing tomatoes at you.


  1. Put this scene on a movie screen and picture yourself watching it as you sit in the movie theater.  Play it forwards and backwards in color in less than 5 seconds.


  1. If you experience anxiety watching it then imagine yourself floating out of your body up into the projector room protected by thick glass.  Again play your clip forward and backwards quickly, add funny music and then drain the color out of the clip.


  1. Now check in with your response to your pending fear or anxiety.  If it’s still high then repeat the steps.

If you find yourself in a situation in which you are experiencing real “danger” to your physical and mental well-being reach out to the appropriate resources for safety. It is important to distinguish the difference between real danger and fear in life. Too often the serpent of fear occupies the majority of our thought space, which can be used to create situations that better align with the person we are committed to being in this world. Real danger is a threat to your physical and mental safety: emotional and physical abuse as is the case with bullying. Fears and phobias too often flow from past events that no longer pose a real threat to your safety yet keep you imprisoned and restricted in your life experience in which case you have the ability with the right resources and techniques to step out of those fear loops.


Often times you will respond to life experiences with reactive behavior based on those programs that you have repeated over time: when this happens, I respond this way…why?… Because it feels comfortable.  It feels comfortable because you have conditioned your responses to life through repetition.  The brain is capable of creating new approaches in life based on your commitment to do so.  So, here is your invitation for today:

Be curious and fascinated towards all of life today.  Be the narrator as things unfold for you: “hmmm, that’s interesting?  How do I want to respond to this situation? I wonder what fueled that reaction in this person?  How can I return to a place of peace over this?  What do I need to remember in order to remain confident in this situation?” Curiosity creates flexibility along with the ability to tune into all available options for solution-based thinking.
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