A Stress Tip Flip from Rwanda


When Priorities are Clear Decisions are Easy





Picture from The Women of Global Change 





When you conclude, expect and assume life

should show up for you a certain way or you should

receive certain privileges you build into the fabric

of your life experience open doors where the serpents

of frustration, stress and anxiety slither in and trash

your internal castle. Stress is your body’s invitation to

identify and adjust your perspectives and conclusions

about life. Stress is the result of farming out your identity

to people, things and circumstances.



Two other dispositions

which leave the back door open for stress are self-glorification

and self-gratification. These two slippery reptiles sound like:

“You deserve better, you need to be seen more, acknowledged more,

advanced more in life.” The literally steam roll your core

priorities in life which I can assure you from my near death experiences,

you will resurrect your core values very quickly when death

is knocking at your door…don’t wait until that moment to

step away from a self-gratification life style which twists your

your decision making process rendering what truly refreshes your

soul and brings you lasting happiness obsolete.



My daughter just got back from a 3 week mission 

in Rwanda. She met with a one of the

women who experienced visions of

Mother Mary appearing 10 years prior to the 

genocide of 1994 that took the lives of close to

1 million people in approximately 100 days.

In these visitations she was warned of what 

would occur. 

My daughter’s group ask this women what

message they could bring back to Americans, to which

she replied, “Remind them that they are very

distracted from what is truly important in life. 

Wake up to the essential.”



So my invitation to you this week is simple:

Go within, close your door, sit before God

and identify what is essential for you in life…

What do you value most or what would you have wanted

to value most in life should God call you home today?

Write down 3-5 areas and put it in a place that will

capture your attention daily, this will become a 

…a touchstone for your soul



What if you could live life backwards?

From deathbed wisdom back into the present moment.

The brush of death is the kiss of life in that it 

resurrects instantly to the front lines what

is truly essential, what you value most in your

heart of hearts. 



Dear God,

Reveal to me this day what is truly essential from

your perspective. Move me to linger in the

moments that I value most and simply forget in the

midst of self-glorification and gratification. Those conversations 

that wake me up to what is authentically important.  I

want to be able to look back on my life with

a sense of satisfaction and knowing that I

aligned my time, talent and energy with

what you see as being important; beautiful; of

high value and integrity. Too often I get

distracted by the shiny objects in life whether that be

people’s opinions, status opportunities or 

material gain all which hold “O” value from a 

heavenly perspective.  Have YOUR way with

my Spirit, Mind, Emotions & Body 

in spite of myself. Push out the stress response 

in my body with a deep understanding of this

simple truth: you have already overcome all that

I feel has overcome me and the solution exists, I simply

need to tune into it. I lack nothing with you in and

through me.


“But seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and his

righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto 

you.” Matthew 6:33


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