1 Thing to Dilute Ugly Behavior

Treat People with Kindness

Resist the urge to allow the bad behavior of another to spin you out of good character this beautiful holiday season: love; joy; peace; patience; kindness; goodness; gentleness and self-control.




One way to dilute the ugly behavior of those around you is to

simply offer generous assumptions around their actions.

Practice seeing and responding to others the way you desire to

be seen and responded to. In NLP they refer to this

practice as eliciting states of behavior. As you commit to standing

firm in the good character you desire to embody in

relationships you can actually lift up the negative energy

of those around you. Love evokes more love; kindness evokes more



Grace is an essential ingredient

in the process. Simply put, grace is a gift given and not

deserved. It supports the practice of seeing

people for who they desire to be rather than how their

behavior shows up…is this not how we all desire to be received?

Whenever you are in the “HALT“…and add an “S” on the end:

hungry; angry; lonely; tired; sick the person you are committed to being

becomes highly compromised. This is why self-care is so essential. You can

not give out that which you withhold from yourself. In the midst

of the demands and to-do lists make it a priority to refresh,

reflect and restore YOU.


Take 10-15 minutes each day to sit in silent prayer; unplug and

reflect on those things that you perhaps overlook on a busy day

yet when recalled offer you instant refreshment, purpose, meaning and focus.

Too often we spend more time living outside of ourselves than we do inside

ourselves. This is an awareness that hits deeply when facing hardship in

that we realize in those acute moments of being “out of control” that our

greatest place of strength lies within our interior world. I remember this

clear minded awareness washing over me when I was told my time on

earth could be limited. Daily prayer and meditation has been

proven highly beneficial for the entire body as it:


  • Activates your parasympathetic nervous system: branch of your peripheral nervous system that helps your body return to a calm, relaxed state after the threat of danger, or even daily stress, has passed. When this area is activated, your body can naturally rejuvenate, repair, and rebuild itself.
  • Slows your respiration down for longer, deeper breaths. Slows the production of the stress hormone cortisol which boosts your immune system.


Give God more authority than you do fear, doubt and worry.

This requires your attention and present observation. Those who sit

in silence before God behind closed doors are more equipped to maintain

good character in the midst of ugly behavior. This is a rejuvenating practice

which yields powerful results. Sweet sleep comes

when you occupy the space of the person you are committed

to being in your words; thoughts; deeds and actions more

today than yesterday.


When you take time to fill up within, you are more

equipped to offer generous assumptions to those

around you. Remember how your good character

becomes compromised in the midst of lack of sleep; stress;

and the HALT (hungry; angry; lonely; tired…sick)? Show

the kindness you would like to receive in the midst of your

ugly behavior moments.


Offering generous assumptions begins within you, inside

your interior castle. Be kind to yourself when you are physically,

emotionally and spiritually spent…God is. See yourself as you

desire to be rather than how your ugly self talk depicts.

As quickly as possible return to a place

of kind, supportive inner self talk, pray for the grace to see yourself

as God sees you, the the person you are committed to being.


Take care of your bodily needs. Stress is your body’s invitation to

identify and adjust your perceptions of life along with your self care

systems. Self care, including daily prayer, is the ultimate gift that keeps

on giving to you and those around you.


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