Stress Solution for the Soul – Dec 5, 2013

“For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an

eternal glory that far outweighs them all.” 2 Corinthians 4:17

Dear God,

…are you sure? Because it sure seems like the challenges I am

facing are leaving me empty handed at the moment.

Our choice daily to play the finite game of life or the infinite

game of life will ultimately lead to our glory or our shame and

the choice is ours.

The finite game plays out like this: you feel misunderstood or

under-appreciated which leaves you mucking around in

the negative emotional flare-ups of anger, frustration and/or

resentment. Your response equals the fuel behind the

perceived attack: fight back, run away, feeling stuck in your

negative ruminating thoughts.

The infinite game plays out like this: you stay in a place of

observing the life that unfolds before you without judgment.

In the gap between what happens outside of you and your

response to it you invite the very GNOSIS of God to drop in and

teach you the lesson to be learned for greater glory that exists

beyond the “pine box” at the sunset of your life.

Dear God,

I choose to play the infinite game of life this week.  Expand my

ability to learn the lesson, pass the test and graduate to the next

level of eternal glory. Give me the grace to let go of my need

to be right and understood so that I can maintain inner peace

no matter what response I get or don’t get from the world

around me. When I find myself in a momentary trouble give

me the grace of remembrance that “this too shall pass” along

with the fortitude and clarity of focus to pass the test and

learn the lesson so that this challenge will not slither into

my path again. Thank you that I AM ALIVE TO LEARN.

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