Nothing Thrives in a State of War

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Nothing Thrives in a State of War:

Pause for a moment and reflect on the above statement. Have you had an earth school class that has led you to this conclusion?

When I faced my opponent in the ring, at The World Tae Kwon Do State Championship, I remember reflecting on this statement: Nothing thrives in a state of war.

My goal in the ring was clear: to flip the opposing force coming against me into my favor by directing it in such a way so as to open up an opportunity to reach my goal (get a point or three). As soon as I lost the mental game my technique and skill-set went down with it: Nothing thrives in a state of war.

As I have shared before, I ended up getting knocked out by an illegal hook kick to my head. When I came around just minutes before being counted out, rage and anger replaced clear, confident focus and I went after my opponent as if I was in a war zone. I ended up winning the silver medal, yet lost in the eyes of my 8th degree black belt trainer from Korea because I flipped into a fighting mentality verses technique and skill-set: Nothing thrives in a state of war.

How many times in your daily life do you flip out of a clear, confident mindset when it comes to using your gifts and talents (skill-sets and techniques) to accomplish your goals personally and professionally? Have you ever had an opposing conversation in your mind that sounds something like this:

  • I can reach my goal…no I can’t…yes I can…no I can’t.
  • I’m OK…no I’m not…yes I am…no I’m not.
  • I can handle this…not I can’t…Yes I can…no I can’t.
  • I have faith that God is working behind the scenes on my behalf right now…no I don’t…yes I do…no I don’t … yes I do.
  • I don’t care what others say or think about me…yes I do…no I don’t…yes I do.
  • I’m smart enough to come up with a creative solution to this challenge…no I’m not…yes I am…no I’m not…yes I am.

Anytime fear, doubt or worry slither into your mental “ring” flipping your skill set and technique into a war zone you are given an opportunity to open up another mental victory. You have a choice as to the power you give over to your opponent (fear; doubt; worry), which will be in direct proportion to your ability to end the opposing conversation quickly with a choice to give more authority to your God given worth; value and capability than you do to the opposition pushing in on your identity.

Calm, clear confidence in what you know to be the highest expression of who you desire to be in life always flows from your relationship with God and results in small victories, which highlight your gifts and talents in a calm, confident manner for nothing thrives in a state of war.

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