2 Tips to Flip Thoughts into Positivity

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Allow YOU to flow from the inside out.


As the man or woman think thoughts their entire body will follow along with their circumstances: positively or negatively.

2 Tips to Flip Thoughts into Positivity:

Staying Sane in the Midst of Insanity

According to a recent study by the American Psychological Association, 75% of Americans experience “mega stress.”

Stress is simply a signal within your body giving you an amazing opportunity to identify and adjust your perception of a situation, along with your behavior. We forget that whatever we focus on grows bigger quickly…positive or negative. Here are three quick tips to help you stay sane in the midst of the insanity:


  • This is worth repeating: know what you value most in life. Stress creeps in when you forget what you value most in life. When you spend most of your energy on the “non-essentials” in life, you begin to feel depleted very quickly, and the stress hormone begins to double. Create moments, every day, which nurture what you value most in this life and notice how quickly clarity of thinking and inner peace return.


  • Let go of this belief: In order to be loved and accepted, I need to be perfect… have the perfect house, relationship, car, person, family, job, credentials. What is your inner list of requirements in order to feel loved and accepted in life? Let go of your need for certain outcomes in order for you to feel good about yourself. Happiness returns when you release the attachments you have in life in order to feel good about you. Remember, joy flows from the inside out, not the outside in. Start loving yourself completely—just as you are, right where you are. If you lack it, borrow it from God’s heart, where the supply is limitless.


  • Breathe, Breathe, Breathe…and be present to the ‘Silent, Holy Night’ that dwells within every moment of life. Give yourself the gift of empowerment that comes when you become the observer of your life versus the reactor. Be a curious and fascinated human being who looks at everything before them as an opportunity for learning and growth. When one door closes, don’t waste one moment looking at that closed door, start seeking the open window. Don’t miss life. When you have worry, doubt and fear, you miss the life standing right in front of your face. When you are present, you will laugh more. Laughter has profound physiological benefits; yet another wonderful gift to give yourself and those around you.


Careful What You Think: Your Body Is Listening


You are the gatekeeper for your thoughts, positive or negative. You get to choose what you keep and what you release. “Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right!” —Henry Ford. As you believe, so shall it be! Jesus often explored the belief of the one who was to be healed before the healing occurred. The miracles took place according to the faith of those receiving them. Belief is essential for any lasting transformation in this life to take place. Your thoughts flow from your beliefs and many of those beliefs manifested out of negative situations in life: I’m unworthy, unlovable, incapable; nothing ever works out for me; for anything to be worthwhile it needs to be difficult; I’m a loser; and on and on.


The water studies from Japan came to my awareness during my experience with cancer. The impact visually inspired me to make it a practice to watch the words I used throughout my treatment and subsequent healing. Basically, our bodies are made up of 70% water. Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of The Hidden Messages in Water, discovered that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes when specific, concen­trated thoughts are directed toward them. He found that water from clear springs (and water exposed to loving words) shows brilliant, complex, and colorful snowflake patterns. In contrast, polluted water (water exposed to negative words) forms incomplete, asymmetrical patterns with dull colors and dark holes. To me, this speaks of the POWER of positive words all the way down to the cellular level!


As Einstein said, “The field directly affects the particle.” Again, when you connect to what is truly essential in life, loving and being loved, your inner voice will reflect that connection and your body will listen. You thoughts direct the function of your body. Emotions are simply your body’s response to your thought life.


What action steps can you take this week to increase your awareness around the thoughts that dominate your mind?


Forward Action Step: Wear an easily removable band around your wrist (hair band) and each time you catch yourself spinning around a negative thought or conclusion, STOP and erase and replace the negative thought with a positive thought and action and then switch the wristband to the other arm. See how many times you can switch it in one day.


One of the quickest ways to flip out of negative thinking is to take action: do a random act of kindness for another person. Service towards others in need quickly flips self oriented thinking to other people which stops the negative “what about me” spin from taking over your biology.


“The mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace.” Romans 8:6


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