Just Let it Go!

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Just Let it Go!



Learn & Reflect:


“Just let it go” . . . a lot easier said than done eh? How can I let this go? Who will I be if I let it go? I’ve identified with this for so long I don’t feel safe embracing a new perception of me. Will I really be okay if I just “let go and let God?” Can I trust in that experience? Will I be able to handle it? What exactly does that look like? Who will I be if I release that perception, that outlook, that pain?


Again, when you give anything in life the permission to define you, you gravitate toward it, you attract more of it, and you feel safe connecting to it. So, you will actually cling to it over a healthier perception of self simply because you know yourself within it. Remember, human beings gravitate toward that which is familiar, even if the familiar is unhealthy and, often times, unsafe.


So, how do you “Let go and Let God?” How do you give yourself permission to embrace a new perception, a new direction, a new connection with you, with God, with the world when you have identified with this perception of you your entire life? Understanding the power you have given away to things, people and circumstances is the first step of empowerment and into a new perception of self. It is a journey back to you before the pain and false beliefs kicked in. Take some time to retrieve those parts of you that you farmed out to others throughout your life time. Acceptance and forgiveness are two essential ingredients when letting anything go in this life.


Choose to love no matter what: “Even though this happened, I choose love and release for the purpose of remembering who I am apart from my pain.” Any time you return to love, self-acceptance and forgiveness, you return and connect to the very essence of God, the authentic self apart from any attachment to pain and the power you have given to it to define who you are. Explore beginning your day with: “I choose to take back my power to define me, in, with and through the experience of God’s Love.”


Identify & Adjust =>


What is one thing that has occupied your mind-space over the past week or two and when you think about it, you lose your ability to be in the present moment because of the anxiety or overwhelm this thought creates?


Next think about the desired emotion you would like to feel in place of the anxiety producing thought.


Integrate & Act=>


Proclaim the connection verbally which is a Neuro Linguistic Programming tool that links the negative emotion to your desired positive emotion: “The more anxious I feel about this specific situation THE MORE authority I give to God’s victorious presence within me to overcome and return to inner peace that passes ALL human understanding.”


If you experience hurt feelings due to illegal behavior in relationships (stone walling; ugly talk; defensive behavior) pray in the grace of discernment. Is this person emotionally equipped to have a vulnerable, above the line conversation regarding your hurt feelings (IMAGO DIALOGUE)? As Jesus said, be careful not to cast your pearls in front of pigs as they may turn and devour you. Not to judge any human being as a “pig” simply using a very powerful discernment practice of knowing if the receiver is emotionally equipped to collaborate with you in a healthy way. If not then releasing and moving on is your best option. Forgiveness and release is your most powerful emotional choice along with TRUST in God to assist in the circumstance for the good of all concerned.


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