How To Free Up Your Emotions

You are not your circumstance....unless you choose to be.


Do You Deflect Your Emotions?


Learn & Reflect:



An emotion is your body’s response to your thought life. When you observe life objectively you clip along taking in thousands of bits of information that travel through your senses undetectable by the conscious mind. What makes the content stick? Emotion and a strong visual image.


When you experience an event in life that has a strong emotion along with a visual (it can be a visual created by your imagination as well or through an auditory experience), you create a memory. It will remain short term if you do not revisit it with your conscious mind within 48 hours.


Emotions are like leaves on a stream they sometime disappear out of our body as quickly as they appear. When I went through the experience of cancer and divorce at the same time my “earth suit” was absolutely flooded with strong emotions. When I tried to hold them back they built up inside similar to a hose that is blocked by your thumb. At times the pressure got so huge that I burst into crying fits that would last a few hours. At one point I remember saying, “I’m afraid to start crying because I fear that I won’t stop and then I won’t be able to function.” Well…my soul pushed back on this theory pretty quickly with a very clear message: “Give yourself permission to feel every and any emotion, allowing them to flow though you so they do not get stuck in your biology.”


So here I am today with another opportunity to practice this message as I send our youngest daughter off the college. After saying the first “good-bye” today as she flies out to San Diego with her dad and step mom (I will fly out early morning to meet her) I felt the pressure building in my body as I embraced her and kissed her beautiful face, similar to when I would get popped in my stomach during a sparring match in Tae Kwon Do. As I held onto her, she pushed back and said, “Mom, I’m going to see you tomorrow.”


When I managed to crawl my way back into the house the emotional tsunami hit and continues to move in waves. The first wave lasted about two hours the second about one hour. There are a lot of emotions with these waves and giving myself permission to feel without distracting myself is my key to emotional freedom…oh you can be sure I was tapping and praying big time!


Identify & Adjust =>


As you pause and reflect on your emotional awareness, is there anything in your life that you avoid facing…keeping yourself busy so you don’t have to feel the uncomfortable space of the strong emotion?


Today I began to clean up my daughters room, I kept crying as I was cleaning and stopped several times to be present to the emotions and allow them flow through me. At one moment while cleaning and crying I opened the bottom cupboard under her sink and found a full bag of half eaten Chic-fil-A at which point I flipped from crying to laughing.


Integrate & Act=>


Explore those emotions in your life that are uncomfortable for you. How do you know they are uncomfortable? You have come up with diversion tactics so that you avoid the uncomfortable emotion. Practice remaining as John 15 mentions several times: Remain, Remain, Remain. When we give ourselves permission to remain, to feel safe being where we are at in the moment emotionally, we allow the presence of our awareness the power to unlock the emotion. When we unlock an uncomfortable emotion we have recovered a very powerful part of who we are as human beings: FEELING. Vulnerability is the most powerful emotion in that it allows us the ability to connect instantaneously with other people.


Your ability to connect at a deep authentic level with other people is in direct proportion to your willingness to feel your own emotions, especially the uncomfortable ones or the ones that you were told along the way were inappropriate to feel or find a healthy way to express. You will connect at the depth that you allow yourself to feel and move through your body’s response to your thought life (an emotion).


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Enjoy Your Gift of Life,




Emotional Freedom occurs when you give yourself permission to

feel any and every emotion without judgment.




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