How To Release Unhealthy Impulse Eating



So what is an unhealthy impulse? An impulse is a sudden STRONG URGE or desire to ACT.  Knowing that you can see that channeled in the right direction, impulses can work FOR or AGAINST you.


As you go throughout your week I invite you to once again, stand back and observe how you do life.  Perhaps you have heard the saying, “think before you act”?  


Gnosis, or knowledge of spiritual mysteries…spiritual wisdom, tends to drop in when you step back from situations in life before taking action to seek understanding.


When you step back this week simply ask yourself:

Does my choice to jump in and take action in this situation benefit my highest good and the good of all concerned?  


If the answer is no then use this technique to help sever any impulse residue that is against your better judgment (this works for unhealthy eating habits, speaking habits…behavioral patterns you desire to step out of ):


Your subconscious programs that often fuel your impulsive behaviors are best redirected using the combination of emotions and visual images.


Example: You have the impulse to eat a certain food that you know does not fuel your energy and overall health…close your eyes and imagine that food on a plate, what it looks like, tastes like and how you feel when you eat it….get your senses and feelings engaged…


Open your eyes and close them again…


Now imagine that food covered with maggots.  Now how do you feel? Connect with the visual, imagine taking a bit of it now…engage your senses and open your eyes.


You will have released the impulse to take action in the moment…Use your imagination and link the undesired impulse with something you have a STRONG negative emotional link with…engage your senses using your imagination and watch the impulsive grip release it’s hold on you.


Meta-cognition is the process of thinking about thinking. Too often we are possessed by behavior that has it’s way with us without us really knowing…we follow blindly. All of the sudden we face the empty chip bag and have no idea what happened? Slow your life down in order to fully participate in the choices you make: spiritually, emotionally and physically. As you pause before taking action in any area of your life you re-engage your ability for choice. How does this choice of response to my life, this behavior support the person I am committed to being and my highest values? Do you value your health and wellness? How much do you value it? Explore what the benefits are as a result of having a strong and healthy body. Too often we lose site of the upside of wellness in the midst of an emotional outlet and we render ourselves enslaved to unhealthy behavior. Take back your ability to chose the life you want to live.


Your body will support the best version of you as you take a conscious active role in supporting your body. Perhaps you have never experienced a strong message from your body: an injury or illness. After moving through the experience of advanced cancer I am very tuned into my body “YES” and my body “NO”…don’t wait until your body screams so loud that your life is stopped in it’s tracks. Take back your ability to create the space for healthy choices to thrive.


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