How to Have a Productive Day

You are not your circumstance....unless you choose to be.

How to Have a Productive Day:


  1. Start Your Day on Your Knees: Pray, meditate on the type of person you are committed to being: what you look like, feel like and sound like. Rather than asking God to bless your plans invite the experience of surrender: “May it be done to me according to your will. ” Luke 1:38 Knowing your deepest sense of purpose and meaning flow when you are aligned with the purpose for which God woke you up to occupy. “Dear God, what is my give back project today?” Your greatest joy comes in the measure through which you serve. Be still and listen. Jeremiah 29:11. I follow with a 15-20 min. light/sound therapy at least 3 days a week.



  1. Drink “Wake Well” within the first hour, to flip Your AM Cortisol Dump into serotonin support: healthy heart; lower stress, inflammation and brain support. Move for 5-10 Min. after taking Wake Well (I will usually do jumping jacks, dance or kick…Do what feels good to you and do it quickly for 1 min/rest for 1 min and repeat 3-6 times: Burst Training).  Follow with a healthy breakfast, shake which includes a piece of lemon with the peel, kale, black berries, carrots, walnuts and apple.


  1. Focus your energy on completing or moving ahead on your top 3 priorities which require you being ON before noon, your motivation muscle diminishes after noon, avoid distractions and social media, unless that is a part of your top 3 priorities. Clarity of focus leads to accuracy of response. Resist the urge of shiny objects. Close your action loop, determine the amount of time you will dedicate to each call, project, activity. Start it, do it, end it, before opening up another action loop. We are not wired to multitask. This behavior fatigues the brain. Organization creates more mind space. Organize and simplify one small area of your work space each day. When you chunk down your daily tasks to small action steps in the here and now, you fuel forward momentum which results in a productive day.


  1. Take a lunch break, get outside and get some Vit. D if possible. Dance, listen to music, watch something funny, encourage another human being, play, lighten up. Release your grip around your need for specific outcomes in order to feel valuable and successful. A more relaxed version of you will support a productive day.


  1. Jump Start Your Afternoon: Between 1:30 -3 pm take Revive Well to again guide that afternoon cortisol dump to help flip you out of a mental “screen savor”, “why did I come into this room” mode. Along with one piece of dark chocolate to support your emotional bandwidth. Focus on low-priority projects in the afternoon, great time for meetings, conference calls where you are a part of the interactions and not the point person (point person activities are best before noon). Take one teaspoon of aluminum free baking soda in water, stir until water is clear.


  1. Honor Your Basic Rest Activity Cycle:Every 90 minutes I will take a mind break throughout the day, listen to my Bible App/ music/ dance for one song, sing…flipping my mind out of the way to engage my heart in the work I am called to do.


​ 7. Early dinner, something light and green. An hour later, two tablespoons of organic Apple Cider Vinegar.



  1. Avoid Rushing Into Resting:Slow Down & Allow Your Mind & Body to Unwind: I end each day with Rest Well to support reparative sleep and waking up refreshed. I began to dream again about the cancer experience (psychological repair) after integrating Rest Well into my self care systems. Unplug from all “blue screens”at least 1-2 hours before falling asleep and create a calm environment to relax the brain and body. Your best hours for reparative sleep occur before 12 midnight. End the day on your knees in gratitude: How was I blessed? How did I bless those around me? Make God recognizable today? Where would I have wanted to add more love? Kindness, with myself and others? Whatever you focus on the last 10 minutes before falling asleep drops into your subconscious mind and dream state and re-emerges the next day bigger…commit to that sacred time of reflection and prayer to set the intention for the next day. I will end each evening with another light/sound therapy track before falling asleep: Graceful Moments.


Action Step:

Enjoy Your Gift of Life. Think of 3 words that describe the

person you are committed to being this week. Align your

words, thoughts, deeds and actions with those 3 words. 


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