Grab & Go Stress Solution: Jan 28, 2014

Prune for Growth in 2014:

If you want to grow in a positive direction this year

explore pruning the following:

1. Toxic Relationships: those relationships that drain

your energy consistently in life. Set healthy boundaries,

eliminate the drug of approval and the disease to

please. Pull up your drawbridge and stay in your castle

with God as you seek guidance concerning the people you

choose to spend time with in life.

2. Negative Talk: Inside your head and out of your mouth.

Use your delete key. Snip off every negative perception

that shoots out of the gate. Say YES to life, love and


3. Unhealthy Food: Prune all day long food/drink that does

not support your health & well-being. Take time to

learn about the foods that fuel your cells. Before you put

any food or drink in your mouth ask yourself: will this

fuel my earth suit with health and well-being? If the answer

is no then prune away.

As Einstein said, “the field directly

effects the particle.” Create a healthy internal field and

the particles (cells and systems) will thrive.

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