Stress Solutions for the Soul: Feb 19, 2014

“Then Peter came and said to Him, ‘Lord, how often shall

my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Up to seven

times?’ Jesus said to him, ‘…seventy times seven.” Matthew


Wow, that’s a lot of forgiving.  Too often we hold out

on forgiveness because we feel that if we forgive we

are saying that what that person did is ok.

To forgive is actually an invitation back to our own place

of inner peace and safety. When we hold onto grudges

we create an interior environment of anxiety and stress.

Is there any one in your life that you feel has done you

wrong in some way that you are secretly hosting the

serpent of hatred, anger & lack of forgiveness towards?

Dear God,

Help me to release all ill will towards those people who from

my perspective have wronged me in some way. I want to

resurrect interior health & wellness. Grant me the grace today

to begin again from a place of inner knowing that no matter

what anyone says or does in my life outside of me, I am safe

and connected to you inside, therefore I lack nothing of

true worth and value. My greatest source of value lies in

my ability to choose love in the face of the world’s

meanness. Love evokes more love on the eternal playing

fields. Grant me the grace to choose love over hatred.

Gain the ability to maintain inner peace, confidence and solution based thinking no matter what surrounds you.

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