Frustrated? Stop It!

Are you living a large portion of your life frustrated? The solution lies in the above video: STOP IT! Stress is the power YOU give to outside circumstance to define your worth, value and capability. Much of what spins you out of inner peace and confidence flows from the power you give to circumstance and situations. Granted the element of PTSD is a serious biological and emotional reactive response to trauma and thus requires attention and solution: Energy Psychology modalities offer sustainable solutions: CLICK HERE to explore.

What I explore in this blog has to do with daily frustration that all too often robs us of the best version of who we want to be in life. When we are frustrated we are usually operating from the lymbic brain which only offers us 3 choices of response: run from the situation (avoidance), fight (bullying, ugly talk) or freeze (stone walling behaviors).

Let’s face it, we have an innate desire to be seen, acknowledged and recognized which all too often flips us out of inner confidence and throws us into a whirlwind of frustration and stress. Can you imagine waking up tomorrow morning without any head trash of distraction around the desire to be seen, acknowledged and recognized?


Clear focus leads to a clear response. If we desire to experience more inner calm and confidence we must first understand the root cause of what flips us out of that expansive God space in life. When Jesus was in the desert, the devil threw three temptations at Him which did not stick because He made the choice for God above them all: Power; Popularity and Possessions.


Not much has changed. We are constantly surrounded by shiny objects which contain within themselves a dark whole filled with self-gratification and self-glorification. An unmet desire in the area of power, popularity and possessions will flip a kind intention into an ugly serpent quicker than most desires which temp mankind. Stress and frustration take over the interior castle when the drawbridge is down; inviting those things things which can never fully satisfy our deepest longings for purpose and fulfillment.


Again, you are the landlord of what you give power over to in life. Stress is a direct result of giving authority to outside circumstance to define our worth, value and capability. All too often we give free rent to unhealthy desires in our interior castle, which was designed to be to be occupied by the Holy Spirit of God supporting our most basic desire to love and be loved. We forget that our greatest joy comes in the measure through which we serve as these restless tenents trash our God space with the space of not enoughness. Like a fish trying to swim through jello we find our interior life tormented by foreign elements which do not allow us to live and move and have our being in the freedom of God’s love.


Think about this for a moment…when do you feel free from stress? Light hearted, creative and free? When you lean your entire personality, along with your desires, into that which allows you to play within an intimate relationship with God, freedom and joy become your natural state of being.


Desire and attachment …two heavy burdens which make the experience of life thick and resistant; vulnerable to bouts of stress and frustration. Love, humility and kindness resurrect the ambiance of life fulfillment and satisfaction. Nothing flat-lines EGO flare-ups within ourselves and those around us quicker than our choice to respond with love and humility. Consider replacing your desires for power, popularity and possessions with love, humility and random acts of kindness…frustration and stress can’t co-exist within that response to life.

Happiness returns when we release those things in our life that flow from our need to own, control and possess in order to feel safe, confident and enough.

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