How to Have More Happiness

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How to Have More Happiness:



Learn => Reflect => Identify & Adjust => Integrate => Act



Happiness walks hand in hand with our ability to make a meaningful positive contribution in daily life. Have you ever jumped into your day with great intentions to show up with the best version of you only to be sabotaged by the first thing that slows you down in life? Perhaps it’s a car that cuts you off; an employee that that disagrees with your proposed plan; your dog who happened to get sick all night; a friend who starts to use you as a dumping ground; a teenager who slams the door in your face.


Thank God, that God sees us for who we DESIRE to be rather than how our behavior shows up. Let’s explore a helpful technique that will assist us in our ability to hold our personal field in a place that honors the person we are committed to being. The person that we would like to be remembered by. Happiness arises when we align our actions with the person we are committed to being. Too often we allow the world to dictate who we need to be rather than intentionally choosing the person we want to be.


Setting our intention at the beginning of each day or in the evening before we are blessed with another day of life, gives us a touch stone to reflect upon when those life “pop-ups” bump us out of high character. High character guides meaning and purpose in life. We have our biggest impact in the world when we showcase high character in day to day living. “Having a meaningful impact on the world around you is actually a better prediction of happiness than many other things you think will make you happy” says, Jennifer Aaker, Stanford Graduate School of Business.


When I was training for my second degree black belt from the World Tae KwonDo Federation I remember practicing one specific kick over and over again until I was so accurate at delivering it I could knock off a plastic red cup carefully balanced on another red cup that was placed on a tall standing kicking bag. Clarity of focus leads to accuracy of response. Because I had a target to focus on I kept adjusting my body until I hit it my target.


As we gain specific clarity around the person we want to be in our day, we are able to quickly identify and adjust behavior that does not align with our set intentions.


Take Action:


  1. Write down 3 specific intentions on a note care that describe the desired character you want to show up with over the next 24 hours.


For example: over the next 24-hours I want to show up with:


  • Kind responses to people around me, using effective questions to help me gain understanding
  • Patience in the tone of voice I use with others
  • Presence to the life in front of my face, rather than thinking about my next response or last meeting, I will focus on being present to the life that unfolds in the moment, including the people that I speak to today.


Carry these three intentions with you and reflect on them throughout your day. At the end of the day, without judgment, simply reflect on what worked out for you in your personal response to life that helped assist you into your desired high character…clap your hands when you notice. Then reflect on what did not work out for you in terms of your responses to life that did not help assist you towards your intention for high character…clap for your ability to have high noticing around what did work and what did not work. This exercise anchors your ability to have high noticing around what works out for you in your personal field and what does not work out for you. Happiness is your natural state of being when truth prevails, truth walks through the archway of high character.


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Enjoy Your Gift of Life,




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