Feel Like Your Drowning?


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Do you feel like your drowning? Drowning is to die by submersion in and inhalation of water. Have you ever felt like you were drowning without the water experience? The pressures of life take your breath away or a sudden tragic event suffocates your ability to function?


Below is a recent experience I actually had with drowning and thankfully I am still wearing the “earth suit”. The metaphor of drowning without water is a powerful one to reflect upon in our daily life: how often do you give power to circumstance to define what you believe you are capable of handling successfully or tuning into a resource to help you move back into calm waters? As an executive/life coach I experience witnessing the metaphorical “drowning” more often than not in the lives I am blessed to facilitate healing, clarity and personal excellence within.


This week Reflect on the moments that take your breath away…in a suffocating way: Is a healthy boundary being overlooked? As quickly as possible assess your available resources along with giving more authority to the strength of God within you than to the circumstance outside of you.


Deathbed Wisdom: 




Learn & Reflect:



Have you ever skipped across death? Similar to skipping a stone across the water, you find yourself tiptoeing between life and death which lingers between your next breath and heartbeat. I recently turned 50 which was my goal when I was diagnosed with advanced cancer at the young age of 36. I was told by the “white coats” that they were going to try and get me 5 years. I have never been a fan of the word, “try” as it lacks conviction and confidence so I replaced the “try” with “choose” and adopted a daily mantra: “Even though I was told I may only have 5 years left I choose life and give my body permission to heal and restore instantaneously…thank you God for my healing, thank God for my healing and restoration down to the cellular level…I AM HEALTHY AND STRONG.”


The brush of death became my kiss of life. Deathbed wisdom is a topic I have frequently explored as the experience gifted me with the desire to unzip the non-essentials in my life and step into a lighter version of me, releasing those things that bound me to a lesser version of who God created me to be I embrace the gift of each new day. Turning 50 was a huge gift and victory on so many levels and 1 week after the big celebration I found myself face to face once again with the fragility of life as well as a resurrected remembrance of the gift that each breath holds.


I went down to the falls, located in PA  (see the picture above) with my oldest daughter and son. We worked up a big sweat running the stairs together and exercising as we were surrounded by the beauty of nature…and a lot more oxygen than Colorado. My son invited me to jump into the falls to cool off…the water was freezing cold to me.


As I walked into the water I heard a clear voice in my head which said: “don’t do this.” Thinking this would be a fun memory with my son I ignored the voice and continued into the cold water. My son said, “Ok mom, on the count of 3 lets jump in”…I…2…3! The next thing I remember my eyes opened in the water, my body became stiff and and lost all control of holding my breath as I took a huge inhale of water and drowned myself. Come to find out it’s called spontaneous inhalation due to cold water shock of the body. I remember thinking: “I pray my children know CPR.”



I am convinced my guardian angels pulled me up so my children could see that I could not breathe. I remember learning in CPR class that it only takes a teaspoon of water to trigger a flap that closes over the breathing tube to prevent water from entering the lungs. If the person who drowns is not rescued within 5 minutes or so, the flap relaxes and water fills the lungs. Because my son quickly took action and got behind me and did the Heimlich maneuver my breathing passage was opened as the small amount of water came out. At first it felt like breathing through a straw,  the breathing sounds were hideous as my windpipe opened a little more with each gasp for air. My appreciation for an open, clear airway these days is off the charts!




Identify & Adjust =>


The brush of death is the kiss of life. What was my rainbow in all of this? My rose in the midst of the thorns?


A good friend of mine said it was like a second baptism, an opportunity to move past my goal of making it 50 years and begin again with confidence that my body will not betray me again, that God is bigger than near death experiences and life wins out. I am invited to leave the past in the past and to be present to the gift of each breath with confidence that the sun will continue to rise. Funny synergy with this take-away is that my son’s name is John (John the Baptist) : )


 Integrate & Act=>


Take forward the practice of reflection into your week. When you are bumped by life and feel steamrolled by circumstance quickly seek out your rainbow and rose. Implement a healing practice as quickly as possible that will flat-line the energetic connection that occurs in shocking situations between you and the trauma or uncomfortable experience. Everything is sent to make us fearless and offers an opportunity for greater expansion and learning.



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  1. This was a traumatic experience which has given me great material once again to practice what I feel called to teach in this world. Using a combination of prayer and release along with EFT and EMDR I went down today for the first time and took the picture you see in this post of the water falls. Do you want closure with past trauma and/or painful experiences?

Explore a helpful resource which walks you through both EFT and the EMDR steps for healing and release:

CD: 3 Powerhouse Techniques for Health & Wellness



  1. Life Coaching for release of past pain which created false beliefs and limited self-confidence. CLICK HERE TO EXPLORE



Enjoy Your Gift of Life,




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