A Negativity Detox: Step 1

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A few weeks ago I shared 8 Habits to Detox Negativity in your life. This week let’s chunk it down and step into the first phase of this detox process. Clarity of focus leads to accuracy of response, so here we go.

Let’s face it, you can’t give out to the world what you don’t take time to master within. With that said, it perfect makes sense that the first phase in a negativity detox requires high noticing around the negative elements you are allowing into your interior castle. Those tenants that you are giving free rent to who are trashing your interior world.

The discovery of mirror neurons in my opinion is one of those biological wake up calls that reveals an essential element to the point of entry of negativity: our thought life which ignites our emotional state of being. An emotion is simply your body’s response to your thought life. Once you master this space and detox your mind by evicting those tenants who thrive on negativity: drama, judgment/accusation/shame, conflict, confusion, overwhelm, fear, doubt, worry you begin the cleanse and journey back to positive living.

Be aware: those little serpents do not evacuate without a fight. Messages will pop up out of nowhere sabotaging your best efforts to evict and detox your head trash. Messages like: “WHAT? You might miss out on something if you don’t stay in the know of the drama! Judgment of others keeps you safe in your belief system. Conflict keeps you in the game. Who would you be if you didn’t worry? Worry gives you a sense of control over the unknown. When you worry or fear at least you are alert and not caught off guard if something bad happens, you are standing guard and ready to fight.” Nothing thrives in a state of war.

Do any of the above statements ring true for you? Pause for a moment and recall a negative thought that has won your approval over time. For example, this is a popular one that shows up a lot in coaching sessions: “If I hold back my best then at least I can fall back on the fact that I didn’t give it my all.” OOOOOO that’s a good one. This creepy little reptile can hold you back from the best version of you and the freedom to go for “it” 100% in life. It’s foundation is built on the shifting sand of a popular child hood wound: “My best is not enough” so as an adult you may conclude: “so why even try.”

Come with me for a moment into a deeper understanding of a personal detox experience I recently jumped into. Last week I had the courage to jump into a detox I had been avoiding for years because I knew it would be very painful. After two years of chemo, 6 weeks of daily radiation, 14 surgeries and a wicked MRSA staph infection I knew from my bone marrow to my entire muscular structure and tissue I was drenched with toxins who were wreaking havoc on my immune system and emotional well-being. I had also done enough research to know that all of the toxins would not leave without giving my “earth suit” one last SHAZAM of pain. By the third day I was literally crawling to the bathroom and could barely walk to the cabinet to take some good charcoal to help evict those crazy little toxic tenants that I was giving free rent to. I mentally pushed my way through the deep aches and pain by focusing on my end goal of evicting toxicity from my body and reclaiming my optimal health. I’m at day 7 now and feel like Wonder Woman…just sayin.

Once we give free rent to one of these slippery little serpents they quickly sneak in a plethora of comrades. Who doesn’t love a good Negativity Fest? Negativity loves negativity. The mirror neurons are your closest friend or worst enemy depending upon who or what types of emotional influence you choose to surround yourself with as their main job is to mimic the emotional acuity of the sender. Most of the time it’s a party of one. You are the host and as you give free rent to one negative thought it sneaks in 30 other ones through the back door. It’s a flash back to my 16th birthday party when I promised my parents only 12 people where coming and 300 showed up along with the police and ambulance.

Personal Excellence Practice to Detox Negativity from Your Life Phase 1:

  • This week step into Meta-Cognition: Think about what you think about. What percentage of your thought life at the end of the day was devoted to positive thoughts: what is good, right, true, beautiful, excellent and praise worthy? Narrow your negative thoughts: One less today than yesterday.


  • Practice 3-1. Science reveals that for every one negative thought it is essential to declare three positive thoughts to override the negative thought. Once you catch a negative through by it’s tail and fling it out of your thought life quickly declare three positive statements. For example, perhaps you just gave a presentation and your interior tenants of shame and not-enoughness start screaming at you: that’s all you’ve got? WHAT was that? Did you see your colleague yawning in the back of the room? BORRRING. Your not cut out for top management. As quickly as possible begin to declare positivity over that situation: I’ve rocked presentations before in my life and I trust the participants will see the value I offered today. WOW, that takes so much courage to speak in front of other people. I just overrode one of the top stressors in the corporate world: public speaking! I’m a rock star and I am learning and growing every day. What’s my big take away that supports the person I am committed to being from this experience? Thank you God for the opportunity to choose positive opportunities for growth in every situation. I love the way I ______________________________.


  • Write down three specific activities that support positive thoughts in your life. For example, I begin my day reading scriptures and praying to open up my thought life. I write down 1-3 positive themes I want to pull through my day and carry that with me.

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