Why Do People Lie?

To Lie or Not to Lie The Choice is Yours

Have you ever lied for greatness?  I woke up thinking how many times I have done this in my life: Lied for Greatness.


As human beings, we lie or distort the truth because we are afraid: afraid of failure or success; that we don’t measure up; that we are not enough just as we are; fear of what others will think or say if we speak the truth; fear of not getting what we feel we need in order to completely love and accept ourselves and/or to feel accomplished and successful or simply afraid that we won’t get our desired outcome.


Have you ever made a statement that you know is false yet you find the words tumbling out of your mouth before you can stop them?


This is a perfect example of what happens when the drug of approval overtakes your moral compass in life.


When your desire to be seen, acknowledged, recognized and approved of exceeds your inner knowing that you are enough just as you are, that God delights in your uniqueness, you become vulnerable to this stress producing energy leak.


Keep watch on this one, it’s a creepy little reptile that slithers its way into your choice of verbiage. When you lie, you dilute your character, authenticity and integrity and you are left back peddling as you attempt to regain your ground. A lie never travels solo. Lying evokes more lying.


As I was doing an examination of consciousness over my time life concerning this topic a particular scene popped up: Knowing that I come from a long line of fly-fisher people, I wanted to impress my family members.  I went fly fishing alone and I caught one very small rainbow trout. As I walked home, I pondered the situation and by the time I opened my mouth it had grown to 20 lbs.  When questioned, I backed up my lie for greatness each time.


Ruthless honesty will set you free, first and foremost with yourself then within relationships (personal and professional).


Speak the truth in love.  This gives you opportunity to honor & ground your value & worth: I am willing to love and accept myself no matter what surrounds me in life. Stress is the power we give to outside circumstance to define our worth, VALUE and what we believe we are capable of handling successfully. When we choose to distort the truth to save face or gain recognition we actually boost the cortisol within our body. Why? Because our soul always knows what is good; right; true; beautiful; excellent and praise worthy and when our flesh trips up the person we are committed to being we inflame our very presence in life.


Does lying cause stress? Yes. Think back to a moment when you compromised truth for your own gain or to protect your reputation OR someone lied to you. How did that land in your body? Did you spend any time ruminating over the experience? If so you can be sure the stress hormone kicked in along with compromising the highest version of you in this world.


How would your choice of words shift if you released your need for approval or your pursuit after selfish ambitions? I remember emerging from the earth school class entitled “The Fame Game”  exhausted and disconnected from what I value most in this life. I went through a recalibration, which required high noticing on a daily basis around this thought: how is my behavior aligned with the person I am committed to being in this world?


Action Steps:


The next time you feel the urge to twist the truth simply excuse yourself from the situation and ask: What do I need to remember in order to speak the truth in love? Who is the person I am committed to being in life? Why would I choose to twist the truth in this situation? What am I afraid of?

Prayer support to help you step away from twisting the truth when confronted with possible rejection:

Dear God, protect me from compliments and complaints so that my heart remains grounded in the mission for which it beats.

Dear God, help me to release my need for rank or approval today so that my ability to speak the truth in love flows freely.

Dear God, I am beautifully and wonderfully created in your image, lacking nothing; More of you today and less of me. Grant me the courage to speak the truth in love even in the face of possible rejection.


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