Stress Solution for the Soul: May 11, 2014

“A Heart at Peace Gives Life to the Body, but

envy rots the bones.” Proverbs 14:30

It’s true. When you have peace within your heart, you

are content with what you have, confident with who

you are and courageous in going for what God has

called you to do in this world then your body responds


When you walk around with a sense of entitlement, envy

and expectations your body responds accordingly =

DIS-EASE fueled by fear, self-doubt and worry.

The following poem is written by a of mine

who has said yes to the gift of poetry God has woven

into her life. A Laureate poet, writer and social innovator,

Lucia De Garcia travels the world creating peace with

other cultures, traditions and spiritual beliefs. This poem

is taken from her book entitled: Lucia De Garcia, A

Peaceful Light: My Odyssey To The Center of The Heart:

Wake Up Children of God

Cry for Peace

Feel the Peace

Pray for Peace

Reach Out for Peace

It is inside of you.

Where do we find solace?

In the seat of your soul.

Dear God,

I desire in this new year to be a messenger of your

love, kindness and peace knowing that my choice to

make you recognizable in these ways on earth reaps

an eternal reward that far outweighs momentary

set backs and uncomfortable feelings that flow from

being misunderstood and over looked. Help me to have

the eyes to see, ears to hear and heart to response to

all of the ways you love and care for me. Resurrect my

ability to focus on what IS working out in my favor versus

what is not knowing that whatever I choose to focus on


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