How To Shrink Stress in 5 Minutes

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5-10 Minutes a Day of Meditation Shrinks Stress:


In addition to expanding your ability to handle life without all of the internal mind muck fueled by the voices of lack and scarcity that drip anxiety all over your internal castle:


Will I be enough?

Can I handle this situation successfully?

Will I be able to pay off the bills?


Cultivate healthy relationships?

Achieve my goals?


What’s your muse? We all have familiar tapes that play that sabotage a basic truth: Stress and anxiety is a haystack set ablaze by the match of power that we light when we give more authority to outside circumstance than we do to our God given ability to handle life successfully. This remembrance is quickly pushed to the front lines of your awareness when you live life backwards: imagine the decision and character you would want to show up with if you were reflecting on this situation on your death bed? Hmmm, what shifts and releases pop up in the light of this telescope vision?


The key here lies in our ability to access this expansive understanding that flows directly from our relationship with God. Our soul explores on this “in the moment” playground consistently, without fear, doubt or worry remember that all things are possible for those who believe; however, our flesh (what we see, hear, feel and touch) only catches glimpse of this expansive space of possibilities as it keeps vigil around the need to know why things happen as they do along with the desire to know how things will turn out.


Perhaps you have paused at the statement, “be here now” only to respond with “ain’t nobody got time for that.” The truth being you have all the time in the world when you give your spirit permission to guide your flesh in the space of the present moment.


Studies continue to reveal the powerful effect of meditation on brain function and the immune system concluding that taking a small amount of time each day to engage in this practice leads to less stress and expanded ability to access creative solutions to unexpected life “pop-ups.”


So my invitation to you is simple: commit to 5-10 minutes each morning before you jump into life to simply sit, pause and reflect on a scripture or motivational reading that creates that space of connection between you and God. Below is a suggested form of meditation that I use:


Lectio Divina is a meditation practice that began in the 3rd century and is a Benedictine practice intended to draw the participant closer to God through the knowledge of the Word of God and involves four elements:


Reading: read a passage of scripture


Meditating => focus intently on something; reflect on its meaning


Praying => commune with God about what you are meditating on.


Contemplate => rest in your soul; imagine what your life would be like implementing what you read into how you respond to life and show up; lean your personality into God


The biological benefits to meditation/prayer are endless including activating your parasympathetic nervous system which supports a calm, relaxed space while keeping your body in a reparative state of being versus a reactive fight, flight, freeze zone which fuels overwhelm and anxiety.  It allows you the time and space to contemplate on those things that fuel lasting inner peace and calm, the things in life you value most along with an opportunity to align yourself with your highest good and the good of all concerned.  Flip anxiety and stress into a space of curiosity and fascination as my colleague Dr. Renee Ostertag says, “Look for the gift and the opportunity in every situation.”


This week take mini-meditation retreats from the stress-mayhem of life. Your brain steams forward every 90 minutes and rests for 20, insert moments of deep breathing and silence within your interior castle and prayerful contemplation around those things that refresh you, things you are grateful for and highly value. Use the gift of your imagination as the conscious mind does  not know the difference between real or imagined.


Get your body on board behind your desire for more meditation and prayer in your day: Click Here for more information.

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