How to Trust When You are Scared


How do you trust when you are scared?


What are you afraid of today?


Is there something you really want to happen in your life and you are afraid that it won’t?


Do you feel scared because of something someone said about you and you are worried that a rumor might start to spread? Afraid that you won’t be able to handle the response or reaction of someone you need to confront or set a healthy boundary with?


Perhaps it’s your health. I can relate to this one, any time I have the slightest ache or pain in my body, the serpent of fear slithers into my mind and twists my thoughts as I plunge into the dark whole of: “Oh no, my body is going to betray me again!”


Fear walks hand in hand with anger and frustration. There is always the element of fear behind an outburst of anger. Next time you are angry ask yourself what you are afraid of…not getting something you want or think you deserve? Fear that your best efforts are not enough to get you where you want to go?


Fear also has a wicked little sous-chef called dread. Dread is the fear that something you don’t want to happen will happen. Dread can lead to procrastination and putting off what you have linked to the chain of events that will cause what you don’t want to happen to happen…the story in your mind. In a previous blog post I wrote about asking yourself when you are emotionally spun: “Is this real or imagined?” and “Is it mine or someone else’s?” Two powerful questions to regain clarity.


There is an extremely powerful scene in the recent movie: The Shack when the man who is tormented by the “Great Sadness” of an event that took place in his life is in a boat on the water. The boat begins to sink and black water begins to engulf him along with images of the pain that is twisting his entire mind, emotions and body. Just before he gets completely engulfed in his fears, dread and anger, which are visually shown as dark waters engulfing him and very scary images, Jesus appears and says something along the lines of: “This is not real, it’s all in your mind.” As soon as this man shifts his perspective from the created pain to Jesus he is lifted out of his fear and dread. Highly recommend The Shack as the lessons contained within it are life changing.


What are you dreading in the future? What specifically about what you are dreading is causing the fear? How much of what you are dreading is based in your story rather than reality? It may be as simple as dreading cleaning the house this weekend…I am using a personal example here…LOL


So let’s dismantle this a little. I’m dreading cleaning the house. What’s behind my dread? I would rather play this weekend than clean my house and I am dreading the work it will take to clean. Knowing that my attitude is my closest friend or worst enemy and I get to choose it. This is an awesome opportunity to adjust my attitude…from one of dread to one of gratitude. Thank GOD I have a house to clean and a body that is strong enough to clean it.


I invite you this week to pause and reflect on how you do life. Look for any expressions or emotional currents of fear and dread. Fear is an emotional response to feeling threatened by something or someone. Dread is the fear that something bad will happen. Time to evict these two ugly tenants from your interior castle as they are robing you of your ability to SHINE in life and put forth the best version of YOU. Did you forget God is with you? What if you could do life with a complete confident enthusiasm as you look for opportunities to practice trust and confidence? Trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability and strength of someone or something. Personally I trust that God is with me at all times, like a fish in water, no matter where I swim in life I am engulfed by the presence of power of God in and around me.


Dread will diminish as you increase your ability to see the wonderment in life and live in gratitude for what you have and are capable of doing. I remember how much I dreaded doing the laundry when my three children, who are now all adults, lived at home. My attitude shifted when I made the choice to pray for each child are I folded their clothes. Now that they are all grown up I miss the opportunity to serve them when they were little.


What do you trust in? As you increase your trust factor your fear factor will diminish in life. Prune out fear and dread this spring to make room for trust and confidence…simply because it feels better.


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