How to Shake it Off

How to Shake it Off When Spun in Life

Shake it Off

Shake it Off


Everything in nature shakes it off…why don’t we?




Your ability to shake things off, experience less stress and show up with confidence, is in direct proportion to the systems you have in place daily that support inner peace and purpose.


Story: A hose with 1 leak diminishes the force by which it comes out and waters the flowers.


What are your energy leaks? Understand the leaks that drain your emotional bandwidth to be able to handle life successfully.


  • Don’t allow the opinions of other people to rob your sense of worth and capability. Pause and reflect on how much head space is taken up worrying about what other people think. The Drug of Approval robs your ability to occupy your space…you are not created to occupy other people’s space. Step away from needing the approval of those around you in order to show case your God given gifts and talents in this world. When you are envious and jealous it’s as if you are saying: YOU have something I need in order to feel enough; capable; valued; successful…what’s your vice?
  • Release the negative loop that puts things above people and pushes you out of self-care systems that support your health and optimal wellness. Unbridled ambition, the need to own, control and possess along with the need to know why things happen as they do and/or how things will turn out result in energy leaks.
  • Do what you do and forget about it. Do your best and move on…no one who puts their hand to the plow and looks back is worthy of the space God has prepared in advance for you to fully occupy.
  • Watch your labels. Example fear: a label we place on undesirable outcomes. It’s not rejection, it’s simply direction.
  • Create supportive sleep patterns 7-8 hours each night…Can’t sleep or you wake up after falling asleep? Explore Levity Light/Sound Therapy Product: and the Sleep Well product that can be purchased separately or as a part of The Daily Well Pack, Well & Company.


Story: Zebra approaches a calm body of water only to jump back when a salt-water crock pops out of the water and snags it’s leg.


What are your “pop-ups” in life? What spins you? Your success and speed for less stress lies in your ability to identify and adjust those things that spin you into a negative loop in life.


Under 5 Minute “Shake Off” Techniques:


  • Tighten & Release: Begin with the top of your head and work down your body. Tighten and release every muscle you have conscious access to, as you release breathe out all the way and inhale deeply.


  • Erase/Replace: You are the landlord of your mind. Focus on evicting those tenants who are trashing your interior world: fearful thought; anxious rumination; worry around projected outcomes. Replace with your remembrance of past victories with similar elements at play. For example: Throughout the cancer I kept remembering how my body is wired to heal. The first time I skinned my knee, broke my ankle, stubbed my toe…SHAZAM my body healed. “I have done it before, I can do it” again mentality replaces negativity and self-doubt.


  • Bumble Bee Breathing Technique: This breathing technique creates an internal vibration distracting us from any negative mind muck, good one to use before contemplative prayer; increases nitric oxide production (a chemical we need for dilation of all our arteries). Using both hands place your middle and ring finger of both hands to cover your eyes (right hand, right eye/left hand, left eye) allow your pointer fingers to rest just above your eye brows and your pinky fingers on your check bones. Breathe in Deeply and on the Exhale use your thumbs to plug your ears as you hum along with the Exhale => Breathe in deeply and repeat 3-5 x.


  • Laughter for 1 Min: Even if it’s fake. As I spent 6 straight weeks every day driving to radiation and 2 years for chemo treatments, I used the car time to “fake it till I made it” with laughter knowing that this 1 activity is being considered by the scientific world as a possible cure for cancer; asthma and other disease.


  • Downward Facing Dog: boosts energy, muscle density, circulation. Shake it off with a downward dog.


  • Book End your day with Prayer; 3 Min Mini retreats throughout your day. Shake it off by giving your spirit permission to guide your flesh. Your Spirit is always remembering the possible, the flesh quivers in doubt.


  • Vital Well Pack: Lowers the stress hormone/ decreases belly fat/ boosts focus, mood and energy: Wake Well in the AM/ Revive Well Chews in the Afternoon: cortisol levels are the highest in the morning and mid-afternoon => The Daily Well Pack includes the Sleep Well product. Explore More at: I take this daily and have received expansive feedback from clients on how this self-care body support gives participants the ability to Shake it Off. #Quercetin (in apple skins; grapes…onions: 99.5% pure and patented) and #Acetyl L Carnitine (power house brain nutrient) make the perfect blend for mood boost; memory support; sustained energy; lower inflammation; balanced cortisol shake if off body support.

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