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What do you do in life when a stressful circumstance pops up beyond your control? A car accident? Diagnosis? Parenting pop ups? Relationship conflicts? It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when and your choice of response will make all the difference in the outcomes you experience.


Explore a few responses to life that bring the calm back into your interior castle in the midst of chaos. Stress is the power you give to outside circumstance to define what you believe you are capable of handling successfully. When you forget the simple truth that the strength of God within you is BIGGER than circumstance outside of you, the body responds with only 3 choices of response: fight, flight or freeze. Explore using the following techniques to address the stress where it manifests: in the “earth suit”:


  • Breathe: take one finger and gently press it against one nostril and breathe in deeply through the open nostril. Switch to the other nostril and gently press it closed and exhale. Continue alternating closing one nostril and inhale, switch and close the other nostril and exhale. This practice slows down the stress response (make sure to blow your nose before you explore this one).


  • Pray: Why does the Sacred Scriptures say in Philippians 4:6: “Do not be anxious about anything but pray about everything and the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts in Christ Jesus”? When spun in the panic of a situation out of my control I often reflect on the scene from the Bible when Jesus invites Peter to walk on water. It’s all good until Peter takes His eyes off of Jesus and starts to focus on the waves around him. As he focuses on the waves he begins to sink and cry out: “Lord save me!” To which Jesus instantly grabs a hold of Peter’s hand and lifts him above the waves. Create a “bomb prayer”: a prayer that you throw up in the midst of sinking in the circumstance. My go to bomb prayer is: Help Me Lord I’m sinking! You are not alone on this crazy journey of life…ask for divine assistance and believe you will receive it. Trust Trumps Fear.


  • Practice Impulse Control: As mentioned before when you see a situation as a threat in 125th thousands of a second your body flips into the stress response and restricts blood flow to the front part of your brain…resulting in the “deer in the headlights” response. As quickly as possible start to tap on the EFT points to relax your body and regain your ability to make a mindful response. CLICK HERE FOR A QUICK VIDEO ON EFT


  • Ask: What Do I Want to Do About This Situation? This question will move you from the paralysis, stuck feeling of the stress response into forward action. Even if your choice is to release and move on, you are empowered in that decision.





Identify one particular area of your life where you feel stuck in your ability to find a solution to a circumstance you feel is out of your control and apply the above practices. Reflect on any interior shifts or possibilities that emerge before you and journal. Ask your questions and imagine what God would say in response to your question…this is a powerful practice for the soul.



Feeling stuck spiritually? Go see the movie: Case for Christ, the science is very intriguing. 



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