Grab & Go Stress Solutions: Jan 5, 2014

The Following Interview is Taken from Stress Solutions

University’s program entitled:

A Conqueror’s Mindset: Interviews that Ignite YOUR

Belief in the Possible (click continue reading to access links)

Holly Forlenza has never spoken a word in her life, the

only sound she makes is laughter. At age 2 she

was diagnosed with profound mental retardation,

epilepsy and failure to thrive. During the first half

of her life she had over 150 seizures every day. Two

years ago, Holly was ‘unlocked’ and began to

communicate using a keyboard and one finger at

a time (along with the help of an aide) she types about

what she believes to be important:

“I need a platform to teach about love.” Holly

Scientists, doctors, educators and therapists are

unable to explain this phenomenon.

Ignite YOUR belief in what is possible:

Watch this Powerful Interview with Holly Forlenza and

her amazing mother Eileen Forlenza.

Holly’s Book and CD is available at:

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