Grab & Go Stress Solution – November 13, 2013

To Set a Healthy Boundary or Not to Set a Healthy Boundary

the Choice is Yours and Results in Either Peace or Pain…

I just spoke at Camp Experience in Keystone. I met Theresa Byrne,

…who exceeds me in martial arts training by 2 BLACKBELTS (I am a 2nd

Degree and she is a 4th). She ROCKS and owns her own

Martial Arts & Fitness Center in Englewood, CO:

the studio’s number is: 303-783-9632.

Below are 3 Powerful Warning Signs from Theresa you can

apply NOW to help create healthy boundaries in your


1. Blaming others…victim mentality: It’s never THEIR fault,

someone else is always to blame. They do not take accountability

for any fault/behavior of their own.

2. Jeckyll & Hyde: or Mean Behavior: they have a bad day and it

bleeds into misplaced anger and frustration towards other people

at work and at home. Will snap if they do not get what they want.

3. Time Control: makes you wait or disrespects your clues to

cut off a conversation due to your schedule, takes it

personally. Forgets to get things done that are important to you;

picks fights before events/things that are important like family

get-togethers, time with friends, or work.

Grab & Go Practice:

Once you identify these unhealthy signs take action and practice

setting healthy boundaries: No means no; I can’t talk now I will

call you later; be prepared to walk away from disrespect and

unkind behaviors; turn the person who is playing the victim back

to remembrance of their God given ability to come up

with creative solutions, “You have done it before I trust you will

do it again or gather the necessary resources together to solve

your challenge”; prune unhealthy relationships in your life for

greater growth when your suggestions are ignored and or

mocked. In the case of marriage seek counseling from a

well endorsed therapist who is equipped to create positive third

party intervention.

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