Survival 101: Don’t Leave Home Without Your Possible Bag

Possible Bags:

You may want to think again before heading out into the world without intentionally packing and carrying your Possible Bag.

Why? This bag carries everything you need to survive on this journey of life. Originally, these bags or pouches were used by both Native American men and women to carry essential items for home and travel. Often used as medicine bags they carried power objects for healing. Native Americans traditionally decorated these bags with beads or fur. Mountain men carried everything they needed to survive for a day.

What power objects do you need to put in your Possible Bag to help you survive the surprise attacks you may encounter today? A life pop-up has the power to spin you out of the possible when it blindsides you from your God given ability to overcome a perceived threat.

A personal life pop-up that knocked me out of the possible came when I was diagnosed with advanced cancer one week prior to my final divorce court date. I lost my connection with the possible when I was told by the “white coats” that they would try to get me 5 years. At 38 years old, with three young children, 8, 10 and 12 that was not good enough for me.

I knew I had to “re-pack” my Possible Bag if I was going to overcome the odds. As I was repacking my bag I noticed a few items had slipped into unseen pockets creating clutter and confusion: fear, self-doubt and worry.

Fear had trinkets with it: I’m not OK, I can’t handle it and I might die. I found a lot of fear hidden behind a bunch of smoke and mirrors. All of it had to go to make room for my power objects for healing.

Self-doubt carried with it the dust of forgetfulness. You see, I had forgotten for a moment that the strength of God within me was bigger than the circumstance outside of me.

The crumbs of worry seemed to be everywhere and impossible to pick out one by one so I dumped my entire bag upside down, brushed out all of the worry and negative thinking and flipped my Possible Bag right side up, I was amazed at how much lighter it all seemed. When life flips you upside down expect to be lighter when your right side up. 

I noticed that the more fear I cleaned out of my bag the more confident I became in my ability to carry it. As I dumped out all self-doubt and worry the beautiful colors contained in the Possible Bag became more brilliant along with hidden power objects (items) that I forgot I had.

Every bead that I intentionally sowed on my Possible Bag represented a victory won. The brilliant colors represented the rainbows I encountered in the midst of the storm, those people who stepped into my path and placed a power object for healing in my bag. Who has placed a power object for healing in your Possible Bag?

Below are the essential power objects and items I carried in and through the storm of cancer and divorce AND continue to carry in my Possible Bag to help me not only survive but to thrive on this journey of life when I am at home or traveling, personally and professionally on this journey and gift of life:

  • When facing a decision, I pause and ask: what choice would I have wanted to make looking back from my deathbed?
  • With every cross divine comfort and strength comes too.
  • Faith and expectation that all things can be used for a greater good than had the storm never occurred.
  • Suffering is used to remind me of hidden strengths and abilities I never knew I had.
  • Stress is the power I GIVE to outside circumstance to define my worth, value and capability, I can choose to take it back.
  • People before things result in things that empower people.
  • Don’t waste the training I received in the trenches of life…use it to lend a helping hand to those around me.
  • Light always outshines the darkness. Love wins.
  • Forgiveness and release speed up healing and restoration.
  • I resist picking up the shiny objects of status and the opinions of other people.
  • I am a child of God, created to make God recognizable today in my words, thoughts, deeds and actions. Growing in my ability to love and be loved more today than yesterday.
  • I am never alone, God is with me…ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.
  • I live in gratitude and focus on what IS working out for me versus what is not.

Back in 2006 in less than two years the power objects for healing contained in my Possible Bag carried me through the following journey and back to complete healing and restoration: a divorce, 16 chemotherapy treatments (chemo), 6 weeks of daily radiation, 1 year of additional chemo, 14 surgeries due to third degree burns on my chest, they had to graft my back onto my front, and a MRSA staph infection.

My children are now 19, 22 and 24 and gratefully thriving. I have been happily remarried for 8 years and use the lessons learned on the journey to empower others to pack intentionally those power objects for healing in their Possible Bag.

What’s in YOUR Possible Bag? 


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