A Brain Training Tip for a Super Brain

Lauren E Miller shares a powerful brain training tip for a super brain: increased intelligence and focus.

Super Brain Yoga is a scientifically validated method, which supports high brain function and enhances clarity and focus. In 3 minutes, this power house technique increases intellectual capacity as well as boosting memory and concentration.


Based on the principles of subtle energy and ear acupuncture. Super Brain Yoga allows energy from your lower energy centers to move up to the forehead and through the top of your head. The brain uses the energy to maximize high functioning, including intelligence and creativity.


Super Brain Yoga is used to balance both hemispheres of the brain as it brings oxygen up to the brain. It’s form of acupressure that utilizes the breath to increase oxygen, which is a huge component for high functioning across all of the systems in the body. In just a few minutes each day, you can add mental support to your daily tasks. Your brain is on for 90 minutes and rests for 20 throughout the day, known as BRAC (The Basic Rest Activity Cycle of the Brain). Slip in this brain booster exercise throughout your day to maximize your brainpower.


7 Steps to Get Your Super Brain Yoga On Each Day:
Jumpstart your day with Super Brain Yoga and take mini brain support retreats throughout your day. Face east in the morning, as this allows the sunshine to boost your mood.


  1. Remove all jewelry and stand up straight.
  2. Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth right behind your teeth (as if you were about to say “La”). Leave it there throughout the exercise.
  3. Take your left hand and cross your upper body and hold your right earlobe with thumb and forefinger. Make sure that the thumb is in front.
  4. Now take your right hand across your upper body and take hold of your left earlobe, thumb in front. At this point you’re pressing both earlobes simultaneously. Make sure your left arm is close to your chest and inside your right arm.
  5. Inhale through your nose and slowly squat down to the ground, hold for 3 seconds if possible.
  6. As you start your way back up begin to exhale to standing position, ending a single cycle.
  7. Repeat the cycle 7 – 14 times, holding your earlobes and keeping your tongue touching the roof of your mouth. Commit to this practice for 30 days, observe a boost in concentration & focus.


Main Benefits of Super Brain Yoga:


  1. Energizes and activates the brain by synchronizing Alpha brain waves: normal brain electrical activity of a deeply relaxed state.
  2. Supports high brain functioning: imagination; creativity; intuition; learning & concentration.
  3. Promotes emotional stability and reduces psychological stress
  4. Greater intelligence


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