How to Outshine Darkness

You are not your circumstance....unless you choose to be.


Here is a timely newsworthy topic we can all put into motion: How to Outshine the Darkness.


Your attitude is your closest friend or your worst enemy and you get to choose it daily. Depending upon your choice of attitude, a fixed mental position, you will either release proteins on your DNA that will either evoke a stress (fight, flight, freeze) response or growth and repair, a sense of confident wellbeing.


Do you remember that cute little childhood song by Harry Dixon Loes: “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine”? Well, there is no time like the present moment to put those lyrics into action in our words, thoughts and deeds.


I once heard during a deep prayerful moment that random acts of kindness go viral in the heavenly realms. Over the past few weeks we have explored a negativity detox in our lives how about this week in light of one dark act we unleash our God given ability to shine in the midst of darkness brighter today than yesterday?



I recently read an incredible book: The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery by Ian Cron and Suzanne Stabile. In it I came face to face with a personality profile of myself that moved me to tears because it aligned with such accuracy into the core of what makes me tick in life…including the shadows that sabotage my ability to authentically show up with the best version of me. The version of me that allows God to be recognizable in this world. In order to allow my light to fully shine in this world it is very important to be aware of what covers it up. As I have mentioned before: the people in this world who push our buttons are our greatest teachers because they reveal where we are stuck.


Identify & Adjust:

What if we focused on releasing our grip a little on our personal point of view and take a 14-inch journey from our head to our heart as we practice loving people before things including our need to be right and understood? What if we begin our day with a simple prayer:


Dear God, what is my give back project today? Grant me the eyes to see, ears to hear and heart to respond to the needs of others. Put me in the path of someone who feels rejected, overlooked and unseen. I want to be that person who offers another who feels lost the gift of empathy and validation. I give you permission to override my EGO flare-ups that steamroll and at times bully others to see life the way I see it. Flood me with love, self-acceptance and compassion so that I can offer that gift to other people today. I want to be that light that shines so brightly that it overcomes darkness. At the sunset of this life I want my colors to be clear that I stood for what is right, true, excellent, beautiful and praise worthy.




In light of the recent dark act of one human being that took the lives of many people and pierced all of our hearts with grief and shock… what if our collective declaration in response to that one act of darkness is to allow our light to shine even brighter in the as we commit to small acts of kindness and compassion each day? A smile, a hug, a moment of allowing someone the space and respect to share their point of view? Giving back to the families in need?


Dear God show us how to overcome one act of darkness with a flood of light. Just as hatred and anger evoke more hatred and anger, love and kindness evoke more love and kindness. This little light of mine…let it shine, LET IT SHINE.



The tagline on the back of book referenced earlier, The Road Back to You, reveals a profound opportunity to identify and adjust certain behaviors that throw a bushel basket over your little light, blocking your ability to out-shine the darkness:


“What you don’t know about yourself can hurt you – and your relationships, and how you make your way in the world. It can also keep you in the shallows with God.”


Pick up a copy of The Road Back to You, by Cron and Stabile, and explore which of the 9 personality types best describes YOU. I am a Helper with a “wing” of Performer. My “sin” tendency is pride resulting in feelings of humiliation, rejection, entitlement and resentment. Pulling this insight out into the light of my conscious awareness has given me the upper hand to adjust quickly on my feet and choose higher ground emotionally and spiritually.


Good Attitude Support Materials:

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