3 Tips to Help You Take Back Power over Pain

Perception Unlocks or Locks Down

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3 Tips to Take Back Your Power Over Pain:


After a strong workout last week, I found myself in fetal position after a simple cool down stretch rendering me couch bound for the last week.


After crying myself silly in the car as I drove to the doctor because the pain was so acute I crawled my way to the restroom to get a grip on my emotions before entering the waiting room. Thinking I was the only one in the bathroom I went into the stall to have a little chat with God and myself OUT LOUD while vigorously tapping on some stress relief points on my body:


“Ok Lauren, get a grip come on now breathe, practice what you know. God, right now I give YOU more authority than this pain. Even though I can barely breathe because this pain seems like it occupies every room in my castle I give you more authority over this emotional and physical titlewave.”


After a few moments of complete silence I heard the toilet flush in the stall next to me which instantly flipped my mood into laughter.

God does his greatest work in the darkest moments in life….if we allow Him to enter into the eye of our storms. Life happens, the sunshine and the rain sweep over those who pursue good and evil. Victory lies in our ability to give God more authority than our current stressful situation. Stay awake at the gate of your thoughts. Slow the process down. Next time a stressful situation pops up on your path explore the following 3 tips:


  1. Breathe deeply take a mental step back, remember you have moved through difficult situations in the past and by God’s grace you will do it again. Too often in the primal “I’m under attack” brain, we tense up and create more pain. Mentally we restrict the blood vessels in the frontal cortex rendering us less intelligent and incapable of tuning into options for solution. 90% of our biological energy (mental and physical) is oxygen fueled…it’s free and you know how to do it so kick it in when you feel threatened. Breathe in to the count of 7 through your nose, hold it to the count of 8 and then slowly exhale to the count of 7.


  1. Talk to yourself as you would a friend who is going through the same situation. What would you say to them to encourage and uplift their mindset in the midst of the challenging situation? Say that to yourself. When I was in the World Tae Kwon Do Colorado State Championship and I got knocked out, I could hear my coaches voice in the midst of the mental fog giving me encouragement and reminding me of the talent I had to bounce back in spite of the blow. Be your greatest fan in the stands of life, you do it for others you love, do it for yourself. Verbally remind yourself of strong character traits you have used in the past to overcome that perhaps you are forgetting in the midst of the pain: I have overcome difficult situations before successfully and I am willing to explore the possibility I can do it again.


  1. Give God more authority than your perceived struggle. Just as I talked myself down off the emotional ledge in the bathroom stall by giving God’s strength and presence within me more authority to handle my current situation than to the pain, take back your ability to choose your power source in the midst of pain: Greater is the one who dwells in you, strengthens and comforts you than the one in the world. Claim victory over your stressful circumstance with your voice:


“I give you God more authority than this fear; doubt; worry; physical pain. Help me to remember that you have given me a spirit of power, love and self-control to overcome that which I feel has overcome me at this moment in time.”


Too often we give our painful circumstance more authority than our God given ability to handle it successfully. You have overcome difficulties in the past and you have the strength to do it again. Don’t forget who you are and what you are capable of handling successfully in the midst of life’s perceived storms. Rise up and resurrect the gifts and talents to conquer in the ring of life. Remember, stress is simply your body’s way of inviting you into the experience of identifying and adjusting your perceptions around perceived threats in life. God believes you can…do you?

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