3 Tips to Help You Shake it Off


3 Tips to Help You Shake It Off

  1. In Africa and other cultures, shaking therapy is used for emotional healing. Literally shaking off your perceived emotional threat: fear; self-doubt; worry. Imagine a duck in the water. The water simply beads up on the ducks feathers and then flung into the air after a good shake. Almost every creature in the animal kingdom shakes it off. Take the zebra for example. The lioness jumps on the zebra’s backside pulling the zebra to the ground, followed by a quick shake and the zebra runs off, we have the God given ability to do the same; however we all too often stay down and get devoured by our perceived threat in life rather than standing back up and shaking it off. Try it. Next time you find yourself emotional spun by what someone else said or didn’t say or a specific situation that side swipes you in life find some good open space, imagine the irritation beading up on your body and start shaking it off from your feet all the way up to the top of your head. Most of the time when I use this technique I end up flipping my frustration into laughter which is always a great endorphin mood booster.
  2. Practice waking up and entering your day without expecting and assuming that life should show up for you a certain way. The inability to shake things off is in direct proportion to your attachments in life, “I need this in order to feel that (important; successful; enough; valued; worthy). An attachment is an emotional state of clinging do to the belief that without some specific thing, outcome or person you can’t be happy. This condition renders you extremely vulnerable to rising and falling depending on how the world judges you at a specific moment in time. After going through advanced cancer and divorce at the same time I have concluded that ain’t nobody got time for that emotional headspace. Let go of your attachments in life. Go for what you want, what aligns with your highest good and the good of all concerned and be attached to nothing. Do what you do and forget about it. As Jesus said anyone who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is not worthy of the calling. Resist the urge to know what people say about you or how many likes or dislikes you get. Dear God, protect us from compliments and complaints so that our hearts stay grounded in the mission for which they beat. Bottom line, when you let go of caring about what people think, you regain an expansive ability to shake things off.
  3. The Vital Well Pack. This is the biological support to help you step out of ruminating behavior; it was actually created with that purpose in mind. Because it lowers the cortisol levels and inflammation, the channels for healthy mood boosting elements in the brain are activated. It’s worth a trial and gives your body the support to shake things off.

Your ability to shake things off is in direct proportion to your ability to remember who you are and what you are not. This “shake it off” ability requires the practice of deleting those responses from the world around you that do not align with the person you are committed to being.

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  • Hi, i love this topic and practice. I got it from another site and i tried it and it truly works. Thank you for your time and knowledge.

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