10 Things to Believe in the New Year

You are not your circumstance....unless you choose to be.

Clarity of focus leads to accuracy of response. Are you feeling as if you need a tune up when it comes to inner confidence and the courage to stand up for what you believe? Are you confused about what to believe these days? Below are 10 Things to Believe in the New Year that help anchor a life lived from the inside out and is marked by confident trust that all is well. Stress is the body’s response to your thought life. It’s time to re-establish healthy boundaries around what you believe. The biggest element that was missing whenever Jesus unlocked a miracle in the lives of those around Him was that of belief.


When the doctors told me that it was their goal to get me five more years of life back in 2006 I had a choice in that moment to believe in my ability to receive healing in spite of the prognosis. I chose life no matter what the doctors believed about the cancer that had taken up residence in my body. I chose to believe that negative thoughts of fear, doubt and worry had no place within my mind. As the landlord of my thought life, I evicted the negative serpents occupying my mind and stepped into healing thoughts and actions. Be very careful what you choose to believe because your body is listening closely and will respond to the thoughts you give free rent to. What tenants do you need to evict in the New Year to make room for the beliefs that unlock your own healing?


Below are 10 beliefs that I recently heard from one of my spiritual mentors in life, Joyce Meyer and have expanded upon. She has powerful credibility in this area because she was sexually abused by her father until she was 18. She could have believed that she was the abuse and she could have allowed the abuse to define her worth and value; however, she chose to believe 10 things that led to her victory over the mind muck which blocked her joy for many years. Perhaps there is a belief contained in the following information that will help you reclaim your victory over hardship in the New Year.


Prune for growth in the area of inner strength and confidence as you step into the New Year remembering that the One who dwells within in is greater than circumstance. This is a practice which led to my own healing and restoration when I went through advanced cancer and divorce at the same time:


  1. Believe that God is good, no matter what trial is going on outside of you. I learned through my own trial, through cancer and divorce, that God has the ability to bring about a greater good than had the hardship never even occurred.
  2. Believe that it will ultimately work out. Consider the rose that appears in the midst of the thorns…how is that possible, you may ask, that such beauty appears in the midst of such a pain producing element? Open your eyes in nature and you will see this relationship repeat itself, perhaps as a sign to help us remember when we forget: the rainbow can only appear in or after the storm.
  3. God is greater than your problems and with Him nothing is impossible with God. God believes you can…do you?
  4. Believe that your break through is going to manifest at any moment.
  5. Believe that you hear from God. Don’t ever say, “I wish I could hear from God” say, “I hear from God and I am led by the Holy Spirit.” My first book, Hearing His Whisper, contains my conversations with God before, during and after the trial. They began with the same prayer the young boy Samuel used to unlock his ability to hear the voice of God, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening.”
  6. Believe that God has heard your prayers and expect an answer. Each day I claim the answer I desire, “Thank you God for my healing.” Just as the blind man when asked by Jesus, “What do you want me to do for you?” replied quickly and perhaps with confidence and faith, “Lord, I want to see.”
  7. Believe that God’s healing power is working in your body and you will feel better and stronger every day.
  8. Believe God gives you favor every where you go and that you don’t have to work at being accepted by people. Let God give you favor. Moving into the New Year I have started to proclaim the following statement as I transition from one activity to another: “God’s favor is with me where ever I go.”
  9. Believe that God is working in your life and the lives of your loved ones and you are changing all the time, stepping into the person you are created to be. Believe that God sees you for who you desire to be rather than how your behavior shows up and offer the same generous assumption to those around you. Practice kindness and compassion.
  10. Believe, Believe, Believe! “All things are possible for those who believe.” Mark 9:23. Make love and confidence your way in the New Year!



80% of disease is stress related according to Harvard Medical. Lauren E Miller knows first hand as she went through advanced cancer and divorce at the same time. Now as Google’s #1 Stress Relief Expert/International Award Winning Author/Speaker/Coach/Trainer, Lauren empowers individuals and organizations with results based, quick win systems, which champion internal strength and creative solutions to challenging situations. Visit Lauren at: http://LaurenEMiller.com for Grab & Go Solutions Made Easy for You.



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