1 Thing You Want to Know Before a Stress Storm

dont let your struggle become your identity


I remember lying in bed after a really bad chemo, bald and breastless, shaking in fetal position praying for the overwhelming body irritation and discomfort to pass.


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have prayed, “Dear God, let this pass, please let this pass?” Perhaps it wasn’t a health issue, perhaps it was fear of future pain or suffering emotionally or past scenes in your life that produce a sense of shame and regret.


Stress shows up in many ways with endless unique expressions in our spirit, mind, emotions and body. For some it’s physical: restricted breathing; tension in the back or shoulders; shaking; head aches or body pain, for others it’s mental fatigue and forgetfulness woven with overwhelm. For others it’s spiritual dryness or darkness. Stress often slithers into our interior castle and pops up as fear, doubt or worry. Stress can also enter in through the front door of our castle when we leave the drawbridge down inviting in too many takers as we muck around in the disease to please which manifests in over-care or enabling behavior which sucks the life right out of us until we collapse in burnout and fatigue.


What if we could befriend the experience of stress and look at it as our body’s invitation to identify and adjust our perspectives and perceptions of specific situations and align them with our God given ability to overcome and move through conflict?  What if we could respond to our body’s manifestations of stress with these words: “OK body, I’m listening. What do I need to release in order to create more space to refresh? What needs to be adjusted in my time management which will allow me more time to linger in moments that refresh my soul? What positive action step forward can I take today to create more levity around my ability to come up with creative solutions to my perceived conflict? What resources do I have available to me to help lighten the load? What resources do I need to gather to myself to help lighten the load?


As I wrestled with the pain and fear associated with that bad chemo experience, I remember thinking one thought that literally flipped me out of the mental mind muck:


“What if I choose to focus on everything that I have going for me in the midst of this pain?”


I remember as soon as I opened the mental gate of possibility that I had the God given ability to flip my perspective in the midst of the stress storm, I regained my feet in the ring of suffering. I began to declare out-loud everything I was grateful for in the midst of suffering: “Thank you dear God that I have the ability to embrace my three children when they come home from school. Thank you that I have the ability to see, hear, and speak love. Thank you that I have three beautiful children, friends, family to love; thank you that I can walk; that I have a bed to sleep in; warm water to take a shower and cleanse my body; food to eat and clean water to drink. Thank you that I am alive today, capable of choosing gratitude over depression in this moment of time.”  As I continued to verbally declare everything that was working in my favor with profound gratitude, the grip of pain began to dissipate and a sense of inner peace and confidence began to emerge to the front lines of my perspectives.


As you enter your day today, pause and reflect on three things that you have going for you and declare them with profound gratitude in your out-loud voice before God.  Reflect on these things throughout your day and remember that you are the gate-keeper of your focus which puts into motion your perspectives which fuel your attitudes and emotions. Your attitude is your closest friend or worst enemy and you get to choose it.  Remember, stress is your body’s invitation to help you identify and adjust your perspectives to align with your God given ability to overcome.


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Enjoy Your Gift of Life,




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2 Responses to “1 Thing You Want to Know Before a Stress Storm

  • David Forrester
    2 years ago

    I am so blessed by this, Lauren. I want to get off of the stress, worry, always trying so hard to protect, merry-go-round. Thank you for this wonderful material.
    God bless you!

  • Joy Davis
    2 years ago

    Thank you Lauren for this wonderful lesson! Your techniques & personal knowledge on dealing with stress is so very powerful & life changing!
    Thank you for all you do,

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