3 Words to Set the Tone for Your Week

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3 Words to Set the Tone for Your Week:



Personal excellence begins with high noticing around your own emotional triggers coupled with your ability to insert temperance and self-reflection which results In behavior that showcases the person you are committed to being.

Negative Emotional Triggers: Those events, situations or behaviors of other people that flip you out of the best version of YOU.

Temperance: the ability to master your own desires and passions – to not be controlled by your peers, by the world’s fads, or by your own desires and passions.

Self-reflection: to think about your own feelings and behaviors and the reasons that may lie behind them (Cambridge Dictionary).

When you begin each week with declaring 3 adjectives that you are committed to living out in your words, thoughts, deeds and actions you increase the probability that you will show up with “LIGHTS ON” behavior (the best version of YOU). More on what this looks like under Integrate/Act.


What specifically spins you out of knowing that you have what it takes to respond to exterior pressure in a calm, confident manner?

For example, when I am in a situation that I have concluded is “unfair” (exterior pressure based on my perceptions and conclusions) then I know that I am vulnerable to an emotional reactive response that does not showcase the best version of me.

Knowing your personal triggers gives you the opportunity to SHIFT your choice of response. As you occupy the space of high-noticing you are now in a powerful position to implement emotional intelligent techniques to support a calm, confident response which involves gathering more information to create a fuller model of reality.

Power house questions for clarity flatline mind-reading and assumptions.


What specific behaviors in your life do you feel sabotage your efforts for personal excellence?

  • Eating food that does not support your optimal energy levels?
  • Gossiping about other people?
  • Participating in imploding thoughts that crush your self-worth?


Choose 3 adjectives on Sunday Night that you feel set the tone for the person you are committed to being this week write them down.

For example, this week I commit showcasing the following adjectives (attributes) in my words, thoughts, deeds and actions:

  • Enthusiastic
  • Purposeful
  • Present

Next, look up the definition of each of your 3 adjectives and write the meaning down that resonates with you.

Declare your focus: “This week I am dedicated to showcase enthusiasm, purposeful and present responses to life in my words, thoughts, deeds and actions. Then clap (celebrate) your declaration. When you activate the childhood anchor of clapping when you do something good you get your body behind your intention. Clapping for 1 minute also reduces stress in the body and boosts the mood. 

Lastly, write down 1 specific action step you will take in the following areas to support your choice of attributes (your 3 adjectives) you are dedicated to showcase this week:


  • Spirit: I will spend 10 minutes each morning in prayer to reflect on how my connection with God will enhance each attribute I declare to represent this week: For example: enthusiasm (means en-theos…in God).
  • Mind: I will erase and replace negative thoughts that diminish enthusiastic, purposeful and present responses to life, with positive thoughts.
  • Emotions: I will apply EFT  (Emotional Freedom Technique) when I flip out of emotional intelligence into “animal planet” reactive behavior.
  • Body: I will look for opportunities to move more, eat better and create healthy sleep behaviors to increase the odds that my body will showcase an enthusiastic, purposeful and present countenance.


Emotional Intelligence Support:

  1. Check out 3 Power House Techniques for Optimal Wellness (CD): 


  1. EFT for Stress Relief for Youth: Check it Out 


Enjoy your gift of life,




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