Thinking about Thinking for Less Stress

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Thinking about Thinking for Less Stress


Spirit * Mind * Emotions *Body


Learn => Reflect => Identify/Adjust => Integrate => Act


The world screams and God whispers. Left unchecked the mind will keep you going at 100% all day long. Remember, you are the landlord of the thoughts that take up residency in your mind. Unfortunately the majority of our tenants are literally trashing our interior castle. The mind is like a rudder on a boat, it guides your entire ship and presentation in life.


“The mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace.” Romans 8:6

What thoughts control your mind? Time? Talent? and Treasure?

Take a moment for self-reflection on the following:


What percentage of

your thoughts are consumed by:




Self-glorification (The Fame Game)?




Worry that you will not get what you want or are putting your time & energy



Concern that others will take or get what you feel you deserve? Entitlement.

Regret over past choices?


Anger fueled by being taken advantage of in the past?


Frustration over the need to be right? liked? or understood?


Fear that you will not have enough or be enough?


Doubt around your ability to handle a situation?


Worry about the future?


Remember, life is objective and your emotions will stay on the sidelines until you call them in on the front line. An emotion is your body’s response to your thought life. As soon as you label something outside of you and give it authority over your belief that you are capable of handling any situation successfully you offer free rent to the thoughts listed above.


Self-awareness is the first essential step when it comes to internal confidence and emotional intelligence. The next step is successfully managing what you become aware of, for example, you become aware that you are spending the majority of your thought life and energy on finding ways to promote yourself in this world. This internal self absorption prevents you from tuning into the needs of others and your greatest space for life fulfillment: service to others and presence to those you love. This is all an opportunity to identify and adjust your focus in life. Stress is your body’s response to your perceptions, assumptions and conclusions about life. As you realign, prune for growth those thought life energy leaks which do not align with what you value most on this journey of life you resurrect your ability to hear the voice of God behind you saying: “This is the way…walk in it.”


Use your God given ability to stay awake at the gate of your thoughts and emotions. Want less stress? Think about what you spend time thinking about and flip out of the lower realm of self absorption into the higher realm of service and contribution as quickly as possible. Explore what happens in your day when you flip the energy you spend on a lower based emotion and time management into a higher space that aligns your time management and thought life with those things you value most. This internal recalibration of priorities will support your ability to evict those thought forms which are trashing your internal castle. Can you imagine the energy freed up when you make the conscious choice and commitment to step away from those things which drain your highest form of energy: Your Spirit. Give your Spirit permission to guide your flesh and the pruning for growth process will kick into gear, as will your experience of life satisfaction.


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To Your Peace & Joy,


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