What the Heck is Stress?

a lot on your plate


Stress is simply your body’s response to your thought life. Look at it as an invitation to identify and adjust your perception of a situation that you label as a threat to your ability to handle “it” successfully.  A label is a word you place on life experience. A label holds the power to lock you up or set you free and you are the gatekeeper, the landlord of your labels. What labels in life are you giving free rent to inside your head that are trashing your interior home and the best version of you on this journey to life?


Because we all have an inner “white board” of requirements in order to love and accept ourselves we are in a constant state of flux depending upon whether or not we meet those requirements by what we do or accomplish as well as how well we do and accomplish. All of this inner judgement of course is subjective to our inner critic’s conclusions.  Focusing on enjoying the journey rather than depleting your energy sources allows space in your interior castle to enjoy the ride is a wonderfully powerful practice yet all too often your good intentions are steam rolled by the fame game. “How can I enjoy the journey when my inner wall keeps yelling in my ear things like: not good enough; falling short; you could do better; so and so is ranked higher; not enough, not enough, not enough.” Yuck can you just feel the poison? Here’s an idea, what if we focus on being more and doing less? I’m not suggesting letting go of your to-do list that would cause way to much stress, what I’m suggesting is to focus on the person you are committed to being while you do what you do in life. This practice takes your focus off of the actual desired accomplishment and brings it back to your gifts and talents which make the accomplishment even more possible. This creates a “zone focus”, you become so entwined with occupying the space you are in that the irrelevant and non-essentials drop off giving way to a sense of purpose driven autonomy.


Several years ago I was told the doctors were going to “try” to get me 5 years more of life after being diagnosed with advance cancer while going through divorce, I thought to myself, “hmmm, not good enough for me.” I never liked the word “try” because it’s filled with subliminal doubt. With three young children looking at me for security and support there was no way I was checking out. It was a daily practice identifying, adjusting and then deleting those thoughts which did not align with my choice of response to the situation: I choose life no matter what the statistics say. This choice of focus ignited a remembrance of the person I am committed to being on this journey of life: positive, purpose driven and faith filled. Clarity of focus leads to accuracy of response.


We all have a storms in life the key to inner peace in the midst of those storms lies in our ability to prune for growth those things (including negative thought forms) which sabotage our focused intention for good which is fueled by the person we are committed to being. Again, stress is your body’s invitation to identify and adjust those perceptions in life which deflate your inner confidence to successfully overcome perceived obstacles.


The next time you feel the biological flare up of stress in your earth-suit pause and take 3 deep breaths, close your eyes and simply say: “The person I am committed to being in the midst of this perceived challenge is _________________ , ____________________, _______________________. Doing this activity will flip your attention from the outer world to your interior castle where God dwells and all things become possible. Stress happens when we give more authority to the outside happenings around us than we do to our God given talent, strength and intuition to tune into creative solutions that honor the person we are committed to being.


Dear God, I give you more authority than I do to this perceived challenge. Resurrect my remembrance that I have successfully handled difficult things before in my life and I can do it again. That the world is full of creative solutions, I simply need to get out of the way and allow your guidance to reveal the next step toward the space you desire for me to occupy. 


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