Grab & Go Stress Solution: Jan 15, 2014

Want Some Positive Momentum in 2014? Read On..

Clarity of Focus Leads to Accuracy of Response.

Ultimately we all desire positive momentum in life. At the

core of who we are, as created in the image and likeness

of God, we hunger to be a part of something meaningful

and bigger than ourselves.

All to often we lose our positive forward momentum around

our New Years Resolutions as

our desired outcomes become diluted by the daily

distractions of shiny objects: approval; popularity;

and our desire to be right, liked and understood.

Can you imagine the amount of energy to create that

would be freed up as a result of our choice to release our

“shiny object” desires?

To help create and keep clear focus around what you

desire to see unfold in 2014 ask yourself the

following questions and right down your answers on

a large white foam board to be displayed in a place

that you will see each day:

Soul: What specifically will I do in 2014 to expand my

relationship with God and how will this action support

what I desire to achieve in the New Year?

Mind: Your choice of focus in your spiritual life directly

influences what you believe to be possible for you in

2014. What thoughts do you want to replace in the New

Year? What specific thoughts do you want to think

on a daily basis that support your desired goals for the

New Year?

Emotions: Your choice of thoughts give birth to the

emotions you experience. What specific emotions do

you desire to consistent and naturally feel on a daily

basis that support what you desire to see unfold in 2014?

Body: What you feel and act upon in terms of “body”

goals in the new year flow directly from your choice

to support and grow your relationship with God which

directly impacts the thoughts you think and your

emotional well-being. What specifically do you want

to see unfold in your physical state of being? How

does this desire support your goals in 2014? Your

body simply manifests what you choose to focus on

and nurture in your soul, mind and emotions.


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