How to Boost Your Confidence to Be You

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How to Boost Your Confidence to Be You.


Believe it or not there is 1 thing that holds us back again and again from fully and confidently occupying the space of who we are in this world: Embarrassment.


When you choose to step out of the “What will people think phobia” you will instantly boost your confidence in being you.


How many times have you been on the edge of your seat about to jump into a discussion head first with your thoughts; creative ideas; insights and intuition only to have the grim reaper clamp down on your ability to speak? Suddenly you feel a knot in your stomach and your throat restricts as the flow of your valuable wisdom comes to a screeching halt just before the exit door of your mouth. A member of the group may even pick up on your body language and notice that you have something you want to say. God forbid he or she calls you out, “Did you have some input you want to share?” Which ignites your heartbeat to the rate of a human being mid-marathon. You sink down into your chair, wipe the sweat from your brow and squeak out a quick, “no, no I’m good.”


What happened? What causes a natural expression of our inner truth and wisdom to come to a complete stop in the midst of delivery? This is a situation that you will rarely ever experience in a Kindergarten classroom. With each question posed by the teacher the majority of the students are so eager to share their ideas, insights and opinions that they jump out of their seats, verbally expressing their excitement to share, “oh, oh, oh pick me, pick me.” At that age, if they have not been told that what they have to say has no value their entire body delivers their message without any concern as to what people will think. How often do we experience this confident delivery in a boardroom meeting?



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