99 Things You Want to Know Before Stressing Out!

99 THINGS YOU WANT TO KNOW BEFORE STRESSING OUT! is a school house of stress relief insights and practices empowering men and women to live life without the stress. Lauren brings 18 years of stress relief study and practice along with her own experience through two of the top stressors at the same time, cancer and divorce, as she lays out essential tools needed to maintain inner peace in the midst of life’s challenges.

This book is packed full of valuable, easy to use information that, when applied, holds the potential to transform your entire perception of life. Take back your ability to live life without rising and falling depending on the world around you.

Stress is the power we give to outside circumstance to define our worth, value and capability. This book equips the reader with the mind-set skills to evict the negative serpents that trash the interior thought life. Perhaps you forgot you are the landlord of your mind. Ask yourself this question: “Who are you giving free rent to that is trashing your interior world?” It’s time to evict and take back your ability to stand at the gate of your thoughts and focus on what is good, right, true, beautiful, excellent and praise worthy.

A man or woman will follow wherever the thought will lead. 99 Things You Want to Know Before Stressing Out is a stress prevention book that will empower you with the ability to enter into positive transformation by renewing your mind. This is a mind retreat that will relieve your body of the yoke of slavery to daily stress. Enjoy the journey back to a more relaxed version of you.

“Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:1

About the author:

80% of disease is stress related according to Harvard Medical. Lauren E Miller, M.Ed, certification in HRD, knows first-hand as she went through advanced cancer and divorce at the same time. Now as Google’s #1 Stress Relief Expert/International Award-Winning Author/Speaker/Coach/Trainer, and Managing Partner of Grab & Go Stress Solutions and In-ViGor the Corporate Coaching Division, Maximizing Human Potential. Through product resources; mainstream media; 1:1 coaching; workshops; seminars and 30-day, 3 minute a day programs, Lauren equips thousands of people worldwide with effective, sustainable skillsets that result in sustainable behavioral shifts. Lauren empowers individuals and organizations with results based, quick win systems, which champion internal strength and creative solutions to challenging situations along with Lights-On Leadership.

Book Reviews:

“This book will literally save lives. As a two-time cancer conqueror I’m using it on a daily basis as a part of my de-cancering program. Each page provides practical life-giving steps and strategies that will put you on the path to creating inner peace. Keep it by your bed on the nightstand and read it regularly as I do and you will discover how to live your life from the inside out. I love and admire Lauren and her commitment to teach people how to add life to their years and years to their life.

Les Brown
Author, Speaker and Speech Coach

“Lauren Miller’s 99 things You Wish You Knew Before Stressing Out! is a searching analysis of the sources of stress in our lives, as well as a compendium of incredibly useful tools to regain our balance. However, it is so much more. Concepts such as grace, gratefulness, and being truly present in life, are not mere words in this book. Lauren Miller has lived them, sometimes under dire circumstances, and has incorporated them into the fabric of her daily life and its inevitable challenges. Overflowing with wisdom, peppered with telling examples from the front lines of stress, Ms. Miller leads us to a deeper sense of our own God-given glory in this universe. I read the compelling Preface, was hooked immediately, and thereafter trusted Lauren Miller to lead me the rest of the way on a journey of grace and fulfillment.”

Jimmy Roberts
composer of the hit Off Broadway musical
I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change.

“Lauren E. Miller has created the guidebook everyone should invest in to help them move from stress to calm. The great news is, even if you are not stressed, this is a beautiful reminder of how to embrace remaining calm, grateful and joyful as your enjoyment of life moves to a wonderful exciting level.”

Peggy McColl
New York Times Best Selling Author

“There’s a six letter word that is an emotional curse. It wrecks havoc on our health—both mentally and physically. That word is STRESS. Author Lauren Miller had more reasons than most to suffer from this affliction. She was in the ring battling breast cancer, 12 surgeries and a divorce —all at the same time. And she came out as a victor not a victim. Share her experience in learning how to overcome stress. I don’t know a woman or man who wouldn’t benefit from this book.”

Ellen Levine
Editorial Director, Heart Magazines

“If you read and apply the wisdom found in 99 Things You Need to Know Before Stressing Out! then stress will no longer have its way with you. In addition to powerful stress relief tips, Lauren reminds the reader of life’s simple truths that lead to instant peace that we often forget along the way. The insights found in this book have the potential of transforming your entire perception of life along with your response to it.”—,

Jill Lublin
Best Selling Author/International Speaker

“Everyone experiences stress but these days; high levels seems to be an ordinary part of life. Lauren gives her readers a path to reduce stress by providing specific tools they can deploy to improve their lives and achieve the peace all of us crave. Lauren uses her own deeply personal and extraordinary experiences for each reader’s benefit. Her inspirational life and commitment to helping all of us radiate throughout this book. The result is a unique and tested tool set anyone can use to significantly improve his or her life.”

Aaron Harber
On-Air Host & Executive Producer
The Aaron Harber Show

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  • Jessica
    6 years ago

    Cool blog!

    5 years ago

    I have found this information very compelling! I have been on this journey for inner peace for many years…..but never really looked within myself. Thus, I understand that I have cause many years of hurt and pain to myself and others around me; yet, putting the blame on others. Read your website has given me clarity on so much!

    My Inner Peace

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