2 Things that Fuel Phantom Stress


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Behind the scenes of stress 2 Things that fuel phantom stress.

“What am I afraid of?”

Behind every experience of anger is a fear. The next time you feel angry, ask yourself, “What if I fail?” Know that your definition of failure flows directly from your belief system (as explored in Chapter 3, “Messages We Get Growing Up”). Failure is simply a label we place on a situation we have given power over to when it comes to our sense of worth, value and capability. We label something as a failure when an undesirable outcome occurs. What if we could resurrect our kindergarten perspective towards life? Everything is an invitation for learning and growth an opportunity to override fear with confidence.

What would you dare to do in life if you knew you could not fail?
~ Unknown

“What will other people think?”

When we worry about what other people will think, we end up becoming our own publicist and exhaust ourselves every day protecting our reputation. We stress out doing daily damage control when we could be putting that energy toward learning, growing, and creating solutions.

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